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5 Free Apps for Hunting Discounts in Indonesia (Part 1)

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12, April 2019

Although now more and more people like shopping online, it doesn't mean that offline stores can't do anything. In fact, many offline stores have succeeded in using digital media to attract consumers' attention. One of the ways they do it is to work with discount offer aggregator services, where consumers can get the latest information about good discounts.

With discount offer aggregators, offline store owners can offer their products or discounts online. This has helped them a lot and they’re also not lagged behind the all-online trend. Here are some apps for you who want to get information about good offers or discounts around you.

1. fave
Fave is an online to offline (O2O) service app that targets various categories, such as dining vouchers at malls to hotels, hotel vouchers, beauty care treatment vouchers, and more. In 2017, fave has acquired Groupon Indonesia, which was also a discount provider app. This makes Fave become one of aggregator services with the most discount option. fave is available free on both Android and iOS. To be able to use it, you must register first. Aside Indonesia, you can also find fave in Malaysia and Singapore.

2. Lakupon
This EMTEK Group discount aggregator provides a variety of information about promotions through digital vouchers. In addition to offering discounts in various restaurants, Lakupon also provides digital vouchers and promos in various tourist places both in Indonesia and abroad, to karaoke vouchers. This free app is available on Android.

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3. ShopBack
At ShopBack, you can save money and get cashback! Shop on various well-known e-commerce sites, and you will get cashback that can be cashed into your bank account. ShopBack also provides promos, discount information, and promo codes or vouchers from your favourite e-commerce. You also do not need to bother opening one by one e-commerce sites to look for attractive promos or cashback. The ShopBack app is available on both Android and iOS.

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4. Ponta
Originally from Japan, Ponta created a membership program that provides convenience for shopping and collecting points, without having to have many cards. To enjoy this service, you only need to activate Ponta's service by purchasing a card available at several well-known minimarket outlets in Indonesia.

Photo Source: Ponta

The Ponta app functions as a digital card so you can get attractive discounts on some popular minimarkets such as Lawson, Alfamidi, and Alfamart, as well as a number of popular restaurants. Not only that, by using Ponta, you can also collect points to exchange for other attractive offers.

5. GoToMalls
Unlike other discount provider apps, GoToMalls comes through a web-native display that can be directly accessed via smartphone browser. No need to download the mobile app. As a web-based merchant aggregator, GoToMalls will give you a comparison of promos in one mall with other malls. This information can certainly help you decide where to shop.

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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.