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5 Fun and Thrifty Ngabuburit Ideas You Should Try

5 Fun and Thrifty Ngabuburit Ideas You Should Try


When fasting, most people look limp and lazy to do anything, especially when it comes to afternoon. It is because your metabolism works slowly and your blood sugar level goes down.

But, it does not mean you just can be idle or sleep. It is better to use your time during fasting with some positive activities rather than being idle. You don’t have to do some expensive activities, you can try these 5 fun and thrifty ngabuburit ideas!

1. Cooking
Cooking will not only take your time, it also useful because you don’t have to buy takjil for break your fasting. You can make your family favorite menu for iftar. It will be more fun if you also invite your kids and your husband.

2. Movie Marathon
Do you like watching movies or series? Then, you should try to invite your friends who love the same movies or series like you and watch it together. If your friends don’t wanted to or they just can’t, it is fine to have your movie marathon on your own. These days, there are many streaming sites that allows you to watching movies and series with affordable price, such as iflix, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

3. Clean Your House
Cleaning house? Why not? You don’t need to do heavy cleaning things, you can sweeping-moping, watering plants, or wipe your furnitures. So, while you are waiting for iftar, you can also make your house more comfort.

4. Do Light Cardiovascular Exercises
Don’t make fasting as an excuse for you to not exercising. There is other exercise option tou still can do while you are fasting. Do light cardiovascular exercise, like walking or cycling. But, to avoid you feel exhaustion, it is better to exercise when the time near to iftar.

5. Window Shopping
We can say, this is the most favorite ngabuburit idea. You can go to shopping mall for only window shopping or shopping at the same time. But, remember to not being crazy to buy anything instead of have thrifty ngabuburit.