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5 Gadgets that Can Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

5 Gadgets that Can Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter


It’s called smartphone, but is it really smart? The smartphone is essentially a small computer. You can do pretty amazing things with it.

But that is for dedicated use. In cases where you want to keep using your smartphone for your online activities, you can also set your smartphone to do other things like locate your missing car, lock and unlock your homes, become your personal assistant and more. Check out a few other ways you can make your smartphone smarter, and your life easier.

1. Sensordrone
This gadget is a sensor computer that harvests vital information around your environment, such as air quality, gas leaks, temperature, humidity etc, practically anything that can be sensed! Great for people with jobs that require technical measurements while on the go.

2. Health Appliances
This device helps you checks if your body temperature is beyond dangerous parameters or anything that related to your body health. Your data is stored within the VitaDock appyou’re your doctor future reference.

3. Tōd
Use these smart beacons, called Tōd, to track the location of car, pet, or even human. Get notifications via email or text when they make an unscheduled departure from the compound or if they wander off too far from you.

Photo Source: http://www.prweb.com

4. Misfit Shine
Misfit Shine helps you track your physical activities on-the-go. Upon equipping it on your body, Shine will track your physical activities and inform you at the end of the day that if your body movements are well enough to keep you fit and shiny.

5. Smart Baby Monitor
Smart Baby Monitor will start sending live streaming audio and video to your smartphone. The monitor gets even more awesome with the WithBaby app that let parents check on their baby via wireless connection. The monitor can even detect your baby’s activities as well as the room’s humidity and temperature.