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5 Gifts Ideas for Valentine’s Day

5 Gifts Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is 5 days away now! Are you still struggling with buying the perfect gift for your partner? Check In Jakarta has 5 gifts ideas for your Valentine’s Day. Check the article below!

1. Pop-Up Card 
Giving a greeting card may sound ordinary. That’s why you need to add a little creation to make it a little extraordinary. One of the simplest ways is by making your own pop-up card that shows something in 3-D shape when your partner opens it. It can contain photographs or other ornaments. For a starter, you can check the video below.

2. Character-Shaped Flower Arrangement
If you are bored with the conventional flower arrangement, the latest trend is creating a character from the flowers. Find out your partner’s favourite character—The Minions, Hello Kitty, or Doraemon—and have them shaped from the flowers. With this your flowers will be a unique and memorable one!

3. Book Marker
A DIY bookmarker can be a nice present if your partner is a bookworm. You can create with your touch on the bookmarker with romantic poem or your favourite quote. Also, add a photo of both of you to remind him/her whenever he/she is reading.

4. Dating Voucher
Everybody loves vouchers. You can make this a Valentine’s Day gift, too. Not a shopping voucher but a dating voucher. It can be a small DIY book with a stack of vouchers inside for romantic dinner, premiere theater ticket, or salon treatment. You can decide the deadline, maybe a month after the Valentine’s. So when your partner exchanges the voucher, you must grant the wish!

5. Gift that Suits His/Her Needs
The last and easiest idea is to buy your partner a gift according to what he/she needs the most. It can be new shoes or a party clutch. Find out what he/she needs and give the surprise on the Valentine’s Day!