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5 Google Maps Features for Easier Activities

5 Google Maps Features for Easier Activities


Google has a penchant for taking everything to the next level, so Maps is capable of a whole lot more than just getting you from point A to B.

1. Save and share favourite places

Users can save their favourite places like most visited destination, café, bar and many more. For the example, you have some favourite coffee shops, first thing first make a list, “Favourite coffee shops in West Jakarta”. Click stripe(s) icon -> menu -> “Your place”.

Swipe to the right to get into the options, “Saved”, click plus icon (+) on the right down side. Write your title “Favourite coffee shop in West Jakarta and its description.

Save the list then drop pin on several locations. You can share that list with other people with “Sharing Options” menu.

2. Get real time information of TransJakarta

Google maps provide real-time TransJakarta information, no more waiting or missing your buses. You can easily open Google Maps app, simply type the destination and click blue button in right down side (“get directions” icon). If it is not already selected, click “Transit” icon (the little tram) to get information about times, bus routes and numbers and more.

3. Offline mode

You will need to download the area of interest before using Google Maps offline. In the other words, the map area must be downloaded before leaving the your city’s strong connection.

4. Indoor maps

With indoor Google Maps, you can spend less time searching for building directories. Several building applied this feature are Jakarta Convention Centre, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town and National Museum. 

5. Local recommendations

Google Maps lets you know some of best restaurant, café, ATM or gas station nearby.