5 Health Benefits of Matcha for Body

5 Health Benefits of Matcha for Body


Similar but not that same, basically matcha and green tea is two different types of tea. Derived from same plant, differences both of them are process and color produced after processing steps.

Matcha considered more healthy than green tea. It is because matcha drying process shorter than green tea. Matcha also has more concentrated color than green tea. Speaking about nutrition, matcha is obviously better than green tea. Here are five health benefits of matcha for your body.

1. Antioxidant Source

Not surprisingly, a cup of matcha has lots antioxidant like three cups of green tea. Matcha has 10 times more antioxidants than green tea. According to Dr. Mariza Snyder, author of The Matcha Miracle, released by Fox News, matcha made by young green tea leaves put in the dark room before harvest. The longer it placed in dark room, the higher chlorophyll contains. That is why matcha has 10 times more antioxidants than green tea. Along with that, antioxidant in matcha helps block acne-causing free radicals.

2. Help Losing Weight

Antioxidant in matcha consists of EGCg substance. It can helps lower blood cholesterol. That is one of the reason for those who running diet to consume more matcha. In several studies, EGCg also can boost metabolism. For best result, consume matcha and do more exercise.

3. Lower Diabetes Risk

Next, chlorophyll in matcha efficient to detox process. In a study, researchers found that matcha has protection effect for digestive system, specially kidney. Matcha lovers have a 33% risk reduction of developing diabetes. Consuming matcha lowering blood glucose level reduce the risk of diabetes.

4. Improve Concentration

What do you do to improve concentration? Sipping a cup of coffee with high caffeine? Meanwhile drink more caffeine, you can try matcha. L-Theanine provides two important substances, dopamine and serotonin to improve your concentration.

5. Source of Extra Energy

L-Theanine also provides extra energy without making your heart palpitations like drinking caffeine. It lasts for 6 hours. For those who easily lack of energy or strength should drink hot matcha regularly to increase stamina.