5 Healthy Benefits of Garlic

5 Healthy Benefits of Garlic


Garlic is one of the tubers family that often been used for cooking ingredients. Besides already known as a cancer preventer, there are 5 other benefits of garlic for our health. Check this out!

1. Lower High Blood Pressure
A lot of research found that garlic can lower the high blood pressure to 7-8%. Garlic is indeed better to be consumed directly to do that function, but many people cannot stand the aroma so they mix it as cooking ingredients.

2. Good for Cholesterol
Garlic can be functioned to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) significantly. Garlic will not give any effect to the good cholesterol (HDL) so when you consume it, it is still safe for your HDL. Research found that garlic can cut LDL to 10-15%.

3. Wash Away Toothache
Garlic has antibacterial and analgesic properties. If you have a toothache, rub the minced garlic at the aching spot. Although it has sting aroma, but if it brings goodness, isn’t it no problem?

4. Help Diabetic Patient
Garlic can trigger insulin production in your body, so it can help the diabetic patient to lower blood sugar level. But if you already consume medicines from the doctor, don’t quit it. Make the garlic as the additional medicine.

5. A Good Antivirus Source
Good substances such as allicin, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, selenium, magnesium, and flavonoid contained in garlic can help to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, virus, to worms inside the body.