5 Healthy Beverages Which Good to Be Consumed Before Breakfast

5 Healthy Beverages Which Good to Be Consumed Before Breakfast


When we sleep, our body does not consume any fluid. So, there are five healthy beverages that good to be consumed before breakfast to regain nutrition for our body. Let’s find out on this article!

1. Mineral Water
Mineral water is the best fluid for body. So make sure you drink at least 500 ml mineral water in the morning before breakfast. The mineral water will wash away toxins in our body and it can also fasten body metabolism.

2. Green Tea
Consuming green tea in the morning will make your body feels active and functioned to enhance body immunity, lower cholesterol, and also help to lose weight. Just make sure you don’t add any sweetener to your green tea in order to get maximum result.

3. Ginger Tea
Drinking hot ginger tea in the morning can be the best stimulant to make you energized to start the day. Ginger tea also has some benefits such as improving blood circulation and digestive system, reducing stress, and improving immune system.

4. Lemon Water
Besides its refreshing taste, lemon water is a good source of minerals and vitamins. Lemon water can relax your muscle and joints, help the heart performance, and help the intestine movement. Read about more benefits of lemon here (http://checkinjakarta.id/article/352).

5. Vegetables Juice
Green juice that consists of green vegetables, has vitamin and mineral that can be a good way to make your body healthy. Vegetables juice can add more nutrition to your body if you rarely have a healthy breakfast. If you want a tastier flavor, add some fruits into your vegetables juice as the sweetener.