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5 Hobbies That Can Increase Productivity

5 Hobbies That Can Increase Productivity


Some people see hobby as a distraction and a waste of time and money. Instead of looking at those negative sides, try to see a hobby as something that can make us more productive. These are some hobbies that can increase your productivity!

1. Hiking
Hiking is an effective activity to reduce stress and anxiety. This physical activity can make someone more focus. With hiking, you can increase your concentration while observing the nature.

2. List-making
Many people may not see it as a hobby. List-making is creating a list of things that you will do. With making this kind of list, you can think in chronological way that will help you finish a target.

3. Playing Video Games
This activity is often seen as a negative habit because it will spend a lot of time and also cause addiction. Even so, based on a research from Queen Mary University of London and University College London, playing some types of video games can train your brain to think strategically.

4. Listening to Music
Music is often appreciated as an achievement because it is produced from human’s creativity. Since long ago, listening to music is known effective to increase someone’s creativity and productivity. Some music genres also have a calming effect that can make the listener more relax.

5. Playing Golf
One of the positive sides of this exercise is: you can do it in enjoyable way. You can even finish a golf game in five hours. It can also make you interact with other people and feel relaxed. Besides, golf can make someone more focus.