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5 Holiday Destinations in West Java for Exciting Short Trip

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25, April 2016

Feeling too late to choose a destination for the long weekends? But too bored to just stay in Jakarta and still want a holiday trip? Don’t worry, you can visit these 5 areas in West Java which are ready to be your short holiday spot with their own unique excitements. Read it on this article and have a wonderful short trip in West Java!

1. Pangandaran
Chilling while slurping coconut ice on the seashore of Pangandaran Beach, Ciamis Regency, can be a tranquilizing moment for your holiday. Not only that, you can do a lot of beach activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, boat cruising, fishing, or just strolling around with bicycle. You should note that every June or July, there will be Pangandaran International Kite Festival here. Indonesia should also be proud, because we have our own Green Canyon in Pangandaran, which known as Cukang Taneuh by the locals. Located in Kertayasa Village, Cilujang Sub-district, Ciamis Regency. Prepare your camera to capture the beauty of nature when tracking down the river, surrounded by natural stones.

2. Sukabumi
If you want to pump your adrenaline, go rafting at Citarik Valley, Cikidang Sub-district, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. This river already meets the standard of International Rafting Federation (IRF). Of course, it’s because this rafting is in the grade IV which is thrilling enough. Sukabumi also has Citatih River with its more rapid stream, wider river, and longer track.

For you who love to hike, Kawah Ratu which located on the slope of Gunung Salak can also be an interesting alternative. You can also have a cultural recreation at Ciptagelar Village in Cisolok Sub-district, Sukabumi, is also should be on your list. Because this village is already been there for 650 years with their hereditary custom!

A natural park of old stones which is known as the name Geopark Ciletuh is also the favorited natural sites in Sukabumi that already confirmed as the National Geopark by UNESCO. Not only the captivating natural stones beauty, you can also amaze your eyes with the 10 mountain waterfalls here. Sounds refreshing, right?

3. Garut
Besides known with the dodol snacks, Garut also has natural recreation spots that are loved by the tourists. One of them is Kampung Sampireun Resort & Spa, which brings the beautiful atmosphere of Sundanese village. Located in Ciparay ampong, Sukakarya Village, Garut Regency, West Java, this three star resort that stood on 3.6 hectares of land has 22 units of bungalow and 20 villas you can choose with the price starts from 2 until 6.5 million rupiah.

The bungalow is designed as Sundanese traditional house (stage house or known as rumah panggung in Indonesia) and built on a lake. Wake up in the morning and see the lake panorama when opening your front door will be a blissed, right? Or strolling around the lake with canoe will give you a refreshing breeze. No wonder this place is often being the most favorite holiday or honeymoon destination. Traditional entertainment such as angklungan or kecapi suling (Sundanese traditional music performance) and jaipongan (Sundanese traditional dance performance) will be ready to cheer you.

Garut also has Situ Bagendit Lake which known with the still good condition. Where you can enjoy the fresh air on a boat, water bicycle, or Situ Bagendit’s signature raft. It really suits you who dream for a picnic besides lake. Shopping for leather fashion such as jacket or bag in Sukaregang Village as the central of leather industry in Garut is also an interesting choice, right?

Nasi Liwet Pak Asep Stroberi which one of the branches is located on Jl. Raya Kadung Kanora No. 245, Garut, is the must try culinary destination too. Taste the delicacy of Sundanese dish by Mr. Asep and the freshness of the strawberries, in a saung (Sundanese traditional hut) with the panorama of paddy field and river. Such a nice getaway!

Kampung Sampireun
Jl.Raya Samarang Kamojang KM.44, Garut West Jawa Tel. +62262542393 / +6281323007130

4. Tasikmalaya
A town that is located 106 km from the eastern of Bandung City is secretly having their various amusing travel destinations. If you want to shop for handicrafts, you can shop in Rajapolah Village, the heaven of webbing handicraft creation. From bag, hat, wallet, sandal, and souvenir you can buy with super friendly price. You can also get to know the culture of Kampoeng Naga, a village that still brings the Sundanese hereditary customs since the first generation.

Imagine the enjoyment of being familiar with the locals and learning about their culture. It’s a social pleasure! Tasikmalaya also has Galunggung Mountain, where you can spoil your eyes with the natural sceneries such as lake, hot water spring, and swimming pool. Situ Gede Lake in 47 hectares area will also be your choice of recreation spot. They have jogging track, fishing area, and boat cruising facility to stroll the lake.

5. Cirebon
If you plan to visit Cirebon, you have to try their culinary destinations such as Nasi Jamblang and Empal Gentong! Nasi Jamblang (Jamblang rice) is a rice in adult fist sized wrapped in teak leaf, served with various of side dishes you can choose, from sambal goreng ati, sate kentang, salted fish, paru, Indonesian omelet, fried tempeh or tofu, and balakutak. Balakutak is a sea creature similar to squid, but cooked with the ink. Be ready with the black ink stain on your lips or tongue!

For Empal Gentong, the most favorite one in Cirebon is the Empal Gentong Bu Darma located at Jl. Slamet Riyadi, Krucuk, No. 1. For you who like historical recreation, Cirebon has Keraton Kasepuhan, which is the most pretentious palace in Cirebon, located at Jl. Jagasatru, Cirebon. You will see the culture blending of Javanese, Sundanese, Chinese, Indian, Arabian, and European at this palace building. For you who want a romantic getaway with your loved ones, Bukit Gronggong is known as the most romantic place in Cirebon. Your dinner will be more special by seeing Cirebon city lights scenery from the top of the hill.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina