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5 Home Business Ideas for Newlyweds

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
17, October 2018

Having a long term plan before decided to get married becomes one of many important things you should not consider trivial. Because, after married, you have bunch needs will deeply impact your life. As a consideration to make some extra money after married, here are home business idea for you and your partner.

1. Wedding Organizer

Learn from your own experience when getting married, try wedding organizer as home business to make extra money. Using your own connection with some wedding venue, catering and makeup artist to promote your wedding organizer to people you know. Improve your creativity, find popular wedding trends nowadays, so many people are interested using your wedding organizer.

2. Photo Booth

Nowadays, you can find photo booth at a wedding, birthday party, baby shower or even office event, this one is a special treat for any guest. There is a lot of people want to treat their guest as well as capturing exciting moments when hold an event. Things you need most is creativity and followed by basic equipment, include camera, laptop, printer, photo paper and printable images on internet and you are ready to promote your business on social media. 

3. Souvenir

There are some souvenir centre in Jakarta you should probably visit if you are interested to make some extra money from this business, include Asemka, Jatinegara, Cipinang or Thamrin City. There is a lot of souvenirs at the best prices, such as pouch, hand fan, key chain, glass even mug.

4. Culinary

Not only café, you can start culinary business with the easiest one, include dim sum, roti john (sliced halves French load with minced mutton, sliced onion and egg topping), kue cubit (mini pancake-like in one bite size), Thai tea and other popular snacks. Make sure snacks you sell is good quality, use the best ingredients, also paying attention to the cooking and packing process. Do not hesitate to give discount and use social media to promote your business.

5. Blogger

Love to write? Also love to travel around or eat? It is a great idea to make some extra money from things you already love to do. Writing skills is usually use of good grammar and spelling. Ideally, good writing is everything started simple but keeps evolving that create high reader engagement. Along with it, pick right theme to develop, something you and your partner love to do, like culinary.

The quality of writing also can be determined by the creativity. You can share tasks with your partner, for example you have task to create an unique blog design, while your partner have to take interesting photo or video as additional feature to engage readers. Do not forget to promote your blog through podcast, Twitter and other social media. Good luck!

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani