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5 Indonesian Indie Musicians Must be in Your Playlist

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11, April 2019

Bored with nowadays music that is often played everywhere? Now is the time for you to listen to Indonesian indie musicians. Don't be wrong! Indonesian indie musicians are no less like the world's top musicians. Here are five Indonesian indie musicians who must be in your playlist.

1. Efek Rumah Kaca
The band, which has been known since 2007, carrying rock genre. Listening to Efek Rumah Kaca songs, you will only find a few romantic songs. The Indonesian indie band more discusses life issues in their songs. One of Efek Rumah Kaca albums, Sinestesia tells of a rare disease called retinitis pigmentosa which suffered by the bassist. The disease is a degeneration of the eye retina which causes the sufferer unable to see when the light is dim.

Instagram: @sebelahmata_erk

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2. Danilla
The singer blood is stick to this 29-year-old indie singer. Her mother, Ika Ratih Poespa, is also a singer in the '80s. In her stage action, Danilla often holds cigarette which increasingly add to her characteristic. Until now, she has released two albums, Telisik (2014) and Lintasan Waktu (2017).

The first album received a tremendous welcome from Indonesian music lovers. The different songs and stage performance seemed to be an oasis for Indonesia music world, especially female musicians. Danilla songs that are quite popular are Besdistraksi, Buaian, Senja diambang Pilu, and Lintasan Waktu. She has no standard in music, she works according to her desire. Maybe that what makes the lyrics have a very deep meaning.

Instagram: @danillariyadi

3. Silampukau
The folk band consisting of Kharis Junandharu and Eki Tresnowening comes from Surabaya. So do not be surprised if the songs discuss more about the city of heroes. The lyrics are sad but critically discuss social problems, especially those that happen in Surabaya. Just listen to Si Pelanggan song. The lyric describes a former prostitution place in Surabaya. There is also a song that tells the Surabaya face, which is increasingly filled with tall buildings, smartly packed in Bola Raya song. Seeing the Silampukau stage action live is very exciting. Their jokes shouted at each other while taking a break.

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4. White Shoes and The Couples Company
Talking about local indie bands, it is incomplete if you haven't discussed White Shoes and The Couples Company. The band consisting of Aprilia Apsari, Ricky Virgana, John Navid, Yusmario Farabi, Aprimela Prawidiyanti, and Saleh has a unique musicality with a distinctive 70s style and original vocal that still have a seductive nuance. White Shoes and The Couples Company song lyrics also using old school language, like Kisah Dari Selatan Jakarta song. Their distinctive songs are often used as the soundtrack of local indie films such as Galih & Ratna and Janji Joni.

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5. Barasuara
Barasuara presents rock music but with lyrics that are full of meaning and rich in language. Most of the songs were written by Iga Massardi, the vocalist and guitarist, who is also the son of veteran poet Yudhistira ANM Massardi. Maybe Barasuara can be another way to enjoy poetry musicalization that tends to be dominated by acoustic music. Just look at their songs such as Sendu Melagu, Menunggang Badai, and Mengunci Ingatan. Not long ago, Barasuara released their second studio album titled Pikiran dan Perjalanan.

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