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5 Indonesian Podcasts You Must Listen To

By Isny Dewi R

07 February 2020

Indonesian podcast recommendations that are worth listening to to spare your time.

Many of you may already be familiar with Podcasts, but not a few of you are not familiar with the current audio recording. Some international media networks, such as BBC, have been recording and distributing podcasts since nine years ago. In Indonesia, the new Podcast phenomenon has been popular for the last two years.

Podcast according to KBBI is a broadcast (news, music, etc.) made in digital format that is downloaded via internet. Even so, there are still many who think that podcast is like radio because the format is the same as audio. This assumption is not entirely wrong. But technically, podcast is still different from radio broadcast.

Now there are many platforms that provide podcast content such as Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcast, Google podcast, Soundcloud, etc. Spotify, the music streaming service has become the most popular platform for listening to podcasts.

There are many categories of podcasts that you can listen to, ranging from news, politic, crime, finance, technology, comedy, to horror stories. In Indonesia, now more and more podcasters (podcast makers) are present to provide information or simply entertain their listeners through the podcasts they uploaded.

If you are a new listener in the world of podcasts, the following Indonesian podcast recommendations that are worth listening to to spare time, as reported from TunaiKita.

1. Rapot
Do you need entertainment to get rid of fatigue? Then you have to listen to this podcast. You can say, Rapot is a comedy podcast because it brings light material in the form of things that we often see everyday, with lots of unique jokes that are certainly very entertaining.

The podcast hosted by Reza Chandika, Ankatama Ruyatna, Radhini Aprilya, and Nastasha Abigail began because some of them were former radio broadcasters who missed broadcasts and wanted to get together with each other. Been around since March 2019, Rapot has now entered its 48th episode. This comedy podcast was ranked fourth in the Indonesian Podcast Charts on Spotify.

Instagram: @_rapot

2. Sudut Pandang
This podcast is hosted by Aria Notharia. Now that it has 15 podcast content, Sudut Pandang discusses the life of millennial generation in the present. Her chat style is fun and chill just like typical young people. Not infrequently, Aria made a monologue accompanied by sad backsound containing messages of life.

Sudut Pandang is the result of information processing related to human dynamics and problems that have occurred in the past or that might come in the future. This podcast usually begins by discussing the phenomena that occur around us until in the middle of the process of monologizing and dialoguing, then a new perspective will be found of the phenomenon that is the main topic.

Although Aria presents typical young people, she is not just talking carelessly, she will only lead you to a conversation that is structured and clearly directed. A shared mindset is illustrated by how Aria brought her podcast material.

3. Subjective

Photo Credit: Instagram @iqbalhape

Iqbal Hariadi's podcast has been around since 2015. Besides being a podcaster, Iqbal is also a blogger. Subjective now has around 100 episodes. Subjective podcasts contain a collection of stories and works of young Indonesian people. Through this podcast, Iqbal shares stories, insights, and practical self-development tips for young people.

Instagram: @iqbalhape

4. So Mad About Life
This podcast discusses the realities of life such as problems that often occur in life and feel burdensome. Guided by Alvi & Ardhi, So Mad About Life also gave enlightenment through inspirational dialogues whose ending was to change the listener's perspective of life.

5. Do You See What I See?

Picture Source: Instagram

This podcast is a horror genre. Do You See What I See presents horror stories based on the experiences of people who sent their horror stories. Mizter, as the owner of this podcast calls, curates some of the mystical experiences he gets from various sources.

Do You See What I See collects horror stories summarized in several episodes. One of the most popular mystical experiences is the story of his grandparent's house in Yogyakarta. Even the horror story video that was uploaded by his best friend, Raditya Dika, had become a trending topic on Youtube.


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