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5 Insta-worthy Spots at Kampung Bekelir

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20, March 2019

Do you know in Tangerang there is a village that used to be a slum but now has transformed into an amazing tourist destination? The village is called Kampung Bekelir, not so far from Jakarta. Want to visit this village? Here are five spots that you must visit at Kampung Bekelir. Good for those who like selfie.

1. Kampung Bekelir Symbol
Arrived at Kampung Bekelir, you will immediately find a spot with colorful symbol Kampung Bekelir. The spot is very interesting for taking some photos with Cisadane River and the beautiful red bridge one of Tangerang city landmarks as the background.

2. Village Entrance

Photo Source: @wonderfultangerang

If you want to explore the village, then you have to go through some beautiful entrances. At the Kampung Bekelir main gate, you will find walls decorated with cool murals. The spot is good for taking photographs. Kampung Bekelir people also decorate the entrance gate using hanged colorful umbrellas. Not only that, at the same gate there is also an iron-made symbol of love.

3. Mural
At Kampung Bekelir there are over 1,000 stunning murals. The arrangement of this tourist village using funds from Pacific Paint CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the making of murals were done by local artists and some foreign artists. You can explore the village looking for the best mural, then makes it as your photo background. One of murals that attracts the most visitors attention is a wings mural. If you taking pictures between the wings mural, you will look like you have wings just like a butterfly.

4. Flying Deck

Photo Source: @wonderfultangerang

At this Instagrammable spot you can also take pictures with Cisadane River and the colorful Kampung Bekelir as you background.

5. Seedling House
Besides being an educational tourist object at Bekelir Village, Rumah Bibit can also be a good spot for taking photos or selfies. There are planting mediums using colorful plastic bottles. Look spoiling eyes. You can use the hanging row of colorful bottles as your photo background.


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Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.