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5 Instagramable Footbridges in Jakarta

By Isny Dewi R

08 May 2019

5 footbridges in Jakarta with artsy design.

Footbridge is now not only a place to cross. Some footbridges in Jakarta are designed with artistic designs, making these footbridges a new spot for photography or selfie lovers. Usually, millennials call it as an Instagramable place. Here are 5 Instagramable footbridges in Jakarta for those who love taking photos.

1. GBK Footbridge
GBK footbridge has been revitalized since November 1, 2018, then re-opened and inaugurated by DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan on February 28, 2019. The footbridge is equipped with 24-hour CCTV cameras, trash cans, and later will also be equipped with elevators.

GBK Footbridge uses white rectangular ornaments that are spiral-mounted. Not without reason, the spiral rectangular ring is a symbol of the turmoil and enthusiasm of the Indonesian to continue to progress and develop. At the same time, a representation of the sporting spirit that characterizes the Gelora Bung Karno area.

Photo Source: Check In Jakarta doc. 

JPO GBK is also the most favorite footbridge for Jakartans. Almost every weekend the footbridge is filled with young people who want to taking photos with the artsy JPO GBK background. At night, the footbridge is getting more beautiful with colorful lights on.

2. JPO Bundaran Senayan
Revitalization and inauguration of the JPO Bundaran Senayan was in conjunction with JPO GBK and JPO Polda Metro Jaya. The Bundaran Senayan footbridge is designed with composite wood with a flat base. The flat platform is intended to be disability friendly.

Photo Source: @vinferdo 

When riding towards the 68-meter main bridge, pedestrians will be spoiled by the design of a white fences and dim lights that light up at night. The hallway on the main bridge is also a favorite spot for taking pictures. With a yellowish color, the reflection of light makes the footbridge look more artistic at night. Pedestrians can also enjoy views of Jakarta skyline and office buildings around it because the footbridge roof is made transparent.

3. JPO Polda Metro Jaya
The Polda Metro Jaya footbridge was also revitalized in conjunction with Bundaran Senayan and GBK footbridges, but was completed most recently. The design is more attractive using the concept of an iron ring that seems to coat the footbridge framework. JPO Polda Metro Jaya is also equipped with RGB (red, green, blue) lighting facilities, which are a type of spotlight that can emit three colors alternately. There are 98 RGB light installation points in the footbridge.

Photo Source: @darisarch

4. JPO Dukuh Atas
This footbridge was built to connect the Dukuh Atas east side bus stop and the Dukuh Atas 2 bus stop which serves corridor 6 Dukuh Atas - Ragunan and corridor 4 Pulogadung - Dukuh Atas. White and gray hexagon-shaped artistic ornaments make the footbridge looks fascinating, especially at night. When the JPO light is turned on, the hexagon patterns shine on Jalan Jend. Sudirman below it.

JPO Dukuh Atas is also equipped with black iron guardrail. In addition, the footbridge has been equipped with a roof that covers the entire skeleton of the bridge perfectly. This is for protecting pedestrians from the sun and rain.

5. JPO Sumarno, Penggilingan

Photo Source: @ijoeel

This Instagramable footbridge is located in Penggilingan, East Jakarta precisely in front of the East Jakarta District Court. JPO Sumarno has been opened since December last year. The footbridge is designed in an artistic manner with decorated lights that can change color. The colorful lights on this JPO will light up at night and be more beautiful when viewed from a distance. Not only that, JPO Sumarno is also designed with a combination of modern and Betawi style. In addition to its artistic form, the JPO is also equipped with elevators intended for people with disabilities, the elderly, and pregnant women.