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5 Mistakes People Often Made in 20s

5 Mistakes People Often Made in 20s


The age of 20s is the moment when someone feels like they have so much time and energy to do everything, from having fun to expressing themselves. But just like another life cycle, this period can be passed just like that before you even realize. Don’t make you regret this in the future. These are some mistakes in 20s that you can make a lesson from it.

1. Hanging with Unhealthy Relationship
The age of 20s has the important role to create our real selves. At this moment, you have to know what you are looking for in a relationship. If a relationship cannot make you a better version of yourself, maybe you have to take some time to think about it before continuing it.

2. Shopping Unwisely
Buying everything you want can make you feel happy. But if you do that continuously, this will harm your financial condition. Always remember that your present financial will affect your future. Make sure you invest your money in something that can bring positive effect in the future.

3. Make a Living through Unhappy Way
A lot of daily needs you have to fulfill will make many people think that quitting from a job is a crazy thing. But have you ever thought about the wasted time and energy you make for a job that does not suit your interest and talent? If you have not thought about it, well, this is the time. Start to create a career list that you feel it will suit yourself. Look for a reference about the industry or the job and also the required qualifications so you can try to achieve it. It’s not an instant way, but it’s worth to try.

4. Forgetting A Dream Because of Fear of Failure
Fear is a strong emotion. Anyone can feel it everytime they go for something bigger than themselves. Don’t make this interfere your dream. The most successful person is the ones that even if they are scared, they are still brave enough to take action.

5. Thinking Too Much of People’s Negative Thoughts
There will always someone who will doubt and question your skill. Don’t face it in negative ways. Just let people say what they want to say and just stay focus on your dream. Use your time in the most effective ways so you can remember it in the future with full of glory.