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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling Solo

By Isny Dewi R

29 January 2020

It can be a life-defining or life-changing event. To help you get the most out of your solo trip, check out these 5 mistakes to avoid!

Solo travel is a growing and compelling mode of travel in the 21st century. As our daily lives become more fragmented and sometimes isolated, solo travel can be an antidote to how alone we find ourselves in many ways. But the very fact of being alone forces solo travelers to burst their own solitude to find companionship among strangers in a foreign and exhilarating land.

Talk about solo travel mistakes, it’s usually to cover important safety considerations, as well as advice for saving money, finding deals and eating alone without feeling awkward. But solo travel can offer rich rewards that are both different and sometimes more expansive than those found when traveling with other people. It can be a life-defining or life-changing event. To help you get the most out of your solo trip, check out these 5 mistakes to avoid!

1. Obligated to Stay in Hostels
It seems that the most common advice you will find when researching solo travel online is to stay in a hostel or other communal living establishment, as these lend themselves to meeting people quickly and relatively easily.

That’s true, but also find value in the occasional more traditional lodging. These can offer a safe zone when needed, a bit more comfort when you are tired, and a place to unwind and desensitize from hard travels. It can also be a more secure place to leave your belongings while you’re out exploring.

What hostels and guesthouses are great for is meeting other folks doing the same thing that you are. But you don’t have to commit to them unrelentingly. When in need of comfort, safety and convenience, choose a reputable hotel. When in need of companionship, think about hostels and other alternative lodging options.

2. Too Ambitious at the Beginning or End of a Trip
At these times, you need things to go well; you are at your most vulnerable when you are just arriving in a place, and at your most stressed when you are trying to get on a plane or train on time. On these nights, take it easy on yourself; you might stay near the airport or train station, or splurge on a well-known hotel, or take a cab when you might otherwise save money by taking public transit.

3. Run out of Cash
Having no money in your pocket and no way to get any is a problem for any traveler, but even more so when traveling solo. Asking strangers for help, sleeping on a bench or any number of tactics may be doable when traveling with others. But traveling solo, you definitely don’t want to be asking for free rides with no one to watch your back.

You can put a Rp 500 thousand to Rp 1 million bill in a place that even you have a hard time thinking about it, like under the sole of your.

4. Don’t Know What You Really Want to Do Alone
These might be things that relate to niche interests of yours that not everyone will appreciate (like an extended visit to a specialty museum), or physically demanding outings on which not everyone may be as goal-oriented as you might be (such as surfing or diving).

5. Resist Your Impulses
One tremendous benefit of traveling alone is that you can change your plans without consulting anyone else about anything. This is a luxury you should not resist, as it is almost non-existent in regular day-to-day life. If you like an idea, go for it!

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