5 Most Comfortable Jogging Areas in Jakarta

5 Most Comfortable Jogging Areas in Jakarta


Too much sitting in front of your computer monitor is not good for your health. That habit should be balanced with healthy lifestyle, such as doing exercise regularly. Morning run can be the cheap exercise you can choose, besides it’s so easy to be done. These are some comfortable spots for you to jog around in Jakarta:

1. Gelora Bung Karno Senayan (GBK Senayan)
This stadium is often used for athletic event in Indonesia. No wonder it is also a popular jogging spot in Jakarta. On weekend, GBK will be so crowded with the people who are ready to run circling the main stadium, from children to adult. After running, you can rest yourself while enjoying food and drink from the stalls around the stadium.

Address: Jalan Pintu Satu Senayan, Central Jakarta

2. Monas
Besides as a recreation spot, Monas can also be a spot for exercising. Monas has a long and comfortable jogging track. You can run circling around the Monas monument in the area or outside the track.

3. Taman Langsat
This park has 750 meters long of jogging track with 2 meters wide. There is also reflexology track, completed with railing for you to hold on. While running, enjoy the green ambience with the lake and shady trees here.

Address: Jl. Langsat, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

4. Taman Jogging Summarecon
Taman Jogging Summarecon has complete facilities. Besides jogging and reflexology track, you can also find some simple fitness equipment such as static bicycle and air walker. This park is also completed with public facilities such as kids playground, park bench, gazebo, plaza, pedestrian walk, and restrooms toilet.

Address: Jalan Raya Boulevard Blok GT 3, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta

5. Taman Situ Lembang
Fountain and lotus flower decorate the lake here beautifully. Some public exercise spots are available on some corners of this park which you can use to burn calories.

Address:  Jl. Lembang Terusan D-59, Menteng, Central Jakarta

From these five recommendations of jogging places, maybe one or few of them can be your favorite. Let’s spend your weekend with healthy activity!