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Street Food

5 Most Delicious Tongseng in Jakarta

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
26, February 2019

You must be familiar with this lamb-based food, tongseng. Tongseng is believed came from Klego, Boyolali, Central Java and then spread to all regions in Indonesia, including Jakarta. There are a lot of tongseng sellers in this city, but the most delicious ones can be found in these five stalls.

1. Pondok Sate Kambing Muda Pejompongan
Pak Sukatni's restaurant has been around since 1994. That is why Pondok Sate Kambing Muda Pejompongan is one of the legendary tongseng restaurants in Jakarta. The tongseng taste is classic with perfect spices, creating the right taste, no less or more. The lamb slices are big, but the texture is soft and easy to chew, According to the owner, the secret is he uses crshed-pineapple when sautéing the meat, so it tastes tender.

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Pondok Sate Kambing Muda Pejompongan
Address: Jl. Pejompongan Raya No. 2B, Bendungan Hilir, Central Jakarta
Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 22.00 WIB

2. Sate Kambing Ibu Yanti
Sate Kambing Ibu Yanti has enlivened Duren Tiga neighbourhood since 1970s, wow! Just in front of this shop, you will immediately smell the aromatic taste of satay. Understandably, the place to burn and mix satay is on the front. The delicious Mrs. Yanti’s tongseng are already famous.

A bowl of tongseng, served hot with the savory aroma of coconut milk and spices, makes you want to eat it immediately. Tongseng sauce is golden brown and slightly oily. There are also cabbage slices, tomatoes, shallots, garlic, cayenne pepper, and onion. The slightly runny sauce texture tastes sweet savory because it uses soy sauce and coconut milk, as well as spicy tinge. The lamb satay slices make the tongseng taste even more delicious. Especially when you eat it with warm rice.

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Sate Kambing Ibu Yanti
Address: Jl. Duren Tiga Raya No.11, Pancoran, South Jakarta
Opening hours: Mon – Thu & Sat: 11.00 – 21.00, Fri: 01.00 – 21.00 WIB

3. Warung Sate Solo Pak Agus
In front of this tiny restaurant there is a banner reads “Warung Sate Solo Pak Agus." Enter inside, there is an open kitchen next to the dining area. Here you can choose the level of tongseng spiciness. Saat sajian ini datang ke meja Anda, tercium aroma gulai yang menggoda. Yes, they use the same sauce as the curry. What distinguishes are ​​cabbage slices and green tomatoes. Once you eat it, feels rich in spices. A little sweetness from soy sauce is also smeared on your tongue. The lamb is also very tender. There’s no bad smell left.

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Warung Sate Solo Pak Agus
Address: Jl. Siaga Raya No.7, Pejaten Bar., Ps. Minggu, South Jakarta
Opening hours: Every day 10.30 – 22.00 WIB

4. Warung Sate dan Tongseng Pak Budi
Don't underestimate the simple look of this restaurant. The delicacy of lamb satay and tongseng is even recognized by the former President. Already exist since 1985, the owner whose real name is Senen Riyanto has a child named Budi, that's the reason why he named his stall Warung Sate dan Tongseng Pak Budi. The specialty of this restaurant is of course the signature Solo lamb satay and tongseng which is said that former President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is one of their customers.

Similar to gulai, Pak Budi's tongseng is yellow-brownish and a bit oily on the sauce. Steaming tongseng spreads the aroma of cabbage and spices such as the typical galangal and lemongrass. When you first eat it, it tastes savory and sweet because of the soy sauce. Quite a bit of brownish and nonfat lamb, so it feels chewy and tasty.

The royal cabbage slices with a crunchy texture and a few green tomatoes make the tongseng taste fresh. Because of the dominant savory and sweet taste, it will be more enjoyable if you add sambal rawit ulek.

Warung Sate dan Tongseng Pak Budi
Address: Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi No.4, Pd. Bambu, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta
Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 22. 30 WIB

5. Warung Sate H. Giyo
If you pass Gembrong Market towards Cawang, you will surely find a puff of smoke from a restaurant. Warung Sate H. Giyo is quite simple with elongated and semi-open building, without window and door. This stall offers a menu of satay (lamb, chicken and ati), tongseng (chicken and lamb), tengkleng, soup, and gulai. Of course you should try their tongseng!

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The lamb slices and additional onion is flooded with brownish yellow sauce, and cabbage slices look tempting. The smell of galangal from the steaming sauce, when sipped feels savory with a touch of sweetness. Big slices of lamb are soft and almost non-greasy. Do not miss the cabbage slices that add a crisp texture when enjoyed with meat and gravy.

Warung Sate H. Giyo
Address: Jl. D. I. Panjaitan No. 42, Jatinegara, East Jakarta
Opening hours: Every day 11.00 – 23.00 WIB

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.