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5 Most Favorite Warteg in Jakarta

5 Most Favorite Warteg in Jakarta

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Warteg or Warung Tegal is one Indonesian Culinary Identities. Although it is from Tegal, Central Java, but the fact is you can find warteg in almost every city in Indonesia, no exception for Jakarta. The characteristic of warteg is easy to know, mostly they are just simple food stalls with display window which so many comfort food you can choose at it.

Various menu, low price, and the taste that will reminds you of your mother cooking make warteg become favorite for so many Jakartans from any level, students, laborers, to office warkers. Even there are some warteg in Jakarta which has important customers, such as state officials to the president. Wondering where are the most favorite warteg in Jakarta? Find out below!

1. Warteg Gang Mangga
The warteg is located at Gang Mangga, Glodok, West Jakarta, that's why it named like that. If you want to go here don't be surprised when you see the queue. They have lots of menu, from telur balado, perkedel, jengkol, ikan goreng, to soto daging. Compared to other warteg, Warteg Gang Mangga is considerably clean and comfortable enough.

Photo Source: https://travelingyuk.com/category/kuliner

Jl. Kemurnian V No. 1D, Glodok, Tamansari, West Jakarta
Every day: 24 hours

2. Warteg Warmo
This is the most popular warteg in Jakarta. You can find the place easily, at Jalan Tebet Timur crossroad. Warteg Warmo has known for became Indoneian celebrities to state officials. They have so many side dish, such as ikan, ayam, cumi, kering tempe, terong, sayur daun singkong, usus, to semur jengkol. The presentation is so simple and yes, it is not good to be photographed, but the taste is champion!

Photo Source: https://www.tempo.co

Jl. Tebet Timur Raya No.1D, Tebet Timur, South Jakarta
Every day: 24 hours

3. Warteg 21
In Pulomas, East Jakarta you will also find a popular warteg, Warteg 21. Named like this because the warteg located right next to SMA Negeri 21. The place is so simple, but Warteg 21 offers delicious food. You don't believe us? Then you have to try their gulai ayam, tempe orek, and the sambal (sauce)! Even the President, Joko Widodo had been ate at this warteg.

Photo Source: http://www.tribunnews.com

Jl. Pulomas - Cawang, RT.8/RW.12, Kayu Putih, Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta
Every day: 24 hours

4. Warteg Berkah Jaya
You don't always have to pay more to eat in Kemang. At Warteg Berkah Jaya you can eat as much as you want without drain your wallet. What food to order? Telur dadar, ayam goreng, and tempe orek which are also favorite menu at Berkah Jaya. You will satisfied here.

Photo Source: https://www.ceriwis.com

Jl. Kemang Timur XII No.7, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South  Jakarta
Every day: 24 hours

5. Di Warteg
Jakartans young people never stop inovated. Still in Kemang, there is a  warteg but with different concept, more modern and cleaner. Di Warteg serves many food just like othe warteg. Indeed it is a modern warteg, but the price is cheap. A portion of rice with kikil, jamur, tempe orek, tempe goreng, sambal, and a bowl of Indomie Goreng sweet iced tea are only Rp 25.000.

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/diwarteg

Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No.70, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta
Every day: 24 hours