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5 Most Seen Website Types in Indonesia

5 Most Seen Website Types in Indonesia


Website is now a reflection of a company. Lots of companies or individuals use website as the promotion tool or to show self-identity. That’s why, every company or individual who wants to make a website should really know what is the purpose of making the website. So they can fill the content with the suitable ones. These are 5 types of website that are the most seen by many people in Indonesia.

1. News and Information Portal
Along with the development of this era, now many people turn into the digital world. news and information are something that always consumed by the public. It can be said that many people will read the information and news online, anywhere and anytime, especially in their spare time. For example, http://www.kompas.com, http://www.detik.com, or http://www.okezone.com are the news and information portal that are accessed by many people in Indonesia.

2. Online Shop
Online shop is also called as e-commerce or electronic commerce. E-commerce is a type of website consists of stuff marketing, where you can have a buying transaction on the site. The goods then can be sent into the buyer.

Nowadays, online shop starts to spread, from the ones selling clothes to other daily needs. Name it Blibli.com, Lazada, Tokopedia, BukaLapak.com, Zalora, Traveloka, and Agoda which you may see when browsing on the internet. There are a lot of these online shops that promote the brand through the television advertisement, YouTube, or other electronic media.

3. Forum
This website consists of a group of significant information. Forum is a communication tool to make a community. Name it Kaskus, a website that once started as a forum. Now Kaskus is the largest community website in Indonesia. It is proven you can get and share any information here, from electronic or daily needs.

4. Blog
First, many people use blog for their private writings. But now blog can also be the place for portfolio or self-promotion. There are lots of bloggers that already well-known because they put specific theme for their blogs.

Such as Marischka Prudence who loves to visit fascinating destinations. You can see her blog at http://marischkaprudence.blogspot.co.id. Or Diana Rikasari the fashion blogger with a blog named Hot Chocolate & Mint. They are even frequently called to many events as the speakers and make it into a living. Wow! Interested to follow their path?

5. Company Profile
If you want to have your own enterprise, you have to make your own company profile. In a company profile, it usually consists of: Who you are, vision and mission, and contact. The making of company profile is purposed to give an explanation to people so they can understand what field you are in. Besides, you will also be seen as more professional if you have this kind of website.