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5 Myths About Credit Card that are Completely False

5 Myths About Credit Card that are Completely False

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Nowadays, credit card already become a part of so many people as their payment thing. It is not only easy to use and practical, credit card also offers many profits for its users. 

But, sometimes credit card considered gives bad impact and mislead its users. Some stories and bad experience that happen to many credit card users and have similarity until it cause some opinions which are not always true. These are 5 myths about credit card that you should not believe.

1. Credit Card Interest is a Trap
This myth will say to you to never try to have a credit card because it has an interest and that interest will make another interest. This is actually not true, because when you pay your credit card late, your crediit card interest certainly will increase. Many people still don't understand about this system, and think the credit card interest just a trap .

If you want to have credit card, you have to pay your credit card payment every month and because of that you have to make sure you have good financial. Credit card will gives you many profits if you use it  wisely, so, you would not pay for more interest.

2. Credit Card Will Makes You Shop Too Much
There is a myth say credit card is a card that will makes you excessive consumption and shop too much. The truth is credit card is not a thing that will makes you turn out to be a shopaholic. It is you who make yourself being a consumerism.

So many products offer hot promo if you pay it with credit card. But, if you feel you are not so need that thing although it offers you good promo, it is better to not buying it. Your intelligence and wisdom on manage your financial will keep you away from being a consumerism.

3. Credit Card is a Debt Card
This myth is not totally wrong, but not also true. Because this myth assume you will owe a bank money with your credit card. Credit card principle is just like debt card. It is just debt card is a card with some money saved in it. While credit card doesn't have it, but it has credit limit and you will pay for what you buy after you use your credit card.

You would not be charged an extra interest if you pay on time. But if you pay your crediit card late, then you will be charged an extra interest as service cost from your credit card. In other words, credit card can be a load if you can't pay it on time.

4. Hard to Get
This is not true, as long as you can fulfill the administration requirements and according to BI Checking you are financially safe, then you can filed for a credit card.

This myth exist because those requirements are too hard to realizing. If you want to know, those requirements needed to avoid you from other bills. Such as, requirements about minimum income that allowed to a person who wants to filed credit card.

It will inhibit you, if your income is under required minimum income. This requirement set by the bank to  measure your financial ability. So, if finally you deserve to have credit card, the bank hopes you will be  responsible credit card holder and pay all the payment.

5. Credit Card is Only for Employees
This myth not totally right. Because part time workers or freelancers can also have credit card. As a freelancer, you should give written proof to the bank about your income.

Make your checking account, so the bank can see your true income and your history financial transactions . If you have good transactions, the bank will probably passed your credit card submission.