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5 Natural Foods for Increasing Platelets

Spectr News Theme Victoria Tunggono
15, March 2016

When your platelets decreased, your body immune will also decrease, thus makes your body prone to get sick. One of the sicknesses you must be aware of is the dengue fever. Below are the 5 foods that you can consume to increase your platelet so you can avoid the illness as well. Check these out!

1. Date Fruit
Besides of its sweet taste, date fruit is also rich in iron. Date fruit has the other nutrition that can help increasing platelets naturally.

2. Angkak
Angkak or red yeast rice is a type of white rice that is fermented using special yeast that makes the color turns red. Long time ago, angkak used by the Chinese as a mixing to spices and herbal potions. Now you can find it easily in the supermarkets as food seasoning. To consume it, you can mix it with healthy food. Besides of increasing platelets, angkak can also reduce the cholesterol.

3. Papaya
Papaya is believed to be the best fruit to increase the platelets inside the body. After consuming the fruit, you can boil the leaves to naturally increase the platelets.

4. Green Vegetables
Green vegetables such as spinach, water spinach, and others are beneficial to increase platelets. The reason is because green vegetables contain the vitamin K that is good for the platelets.

5. Whole Grain
Consuming whole grain carbohydrate intake is better than rice. The rich of fiber, nutrition, mineral, and vitamin contained in it will help increasing platelets inside the body. Rolled oats is one of the forms of whole grain that you can use as the carbohydrate intake. To make it more enjoyable to eat, you can consume it in overnight oats.

Victoria Tunggono
Victoria Tunggono