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5 Netflix Educational Shows for Kids Streaming During Quarantine

By Isny Dewi R

15 April 2020

Here are educational shows on Netflix that can be enjoyed to entertain your children during quarantine.

Photo: Netflix (Ask the StoryBots)

Since the coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, the government has implemented a home-learning system for all schools. This is certainly a challenge for parents to keep their children learning, and make them feel not bored during quarantine.

Then, how to keep children entertained and not easily bored but they can still learn. It's easy! One of them is by giving educational shows. If you are a Netflix streaming service user, here are educational shows on Netflix that can be enjoyed to entertain your children.

(Kids Under ages 7)

1. Ask the StoryBots

This show tells the story of five small creatures that live inside a computer. They are all curious and seek answers to the biggest questions children have, such as “How Does Nigt Happen?”, “How Do Airplanes Fly?”, or “Why Do We Have to Brush Our Teeth?”

2. The Magic School Bus Rides Again
This Canadian-American animated children's web series is based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. The Magic School Bus Rides Again tells about Ms. Frizzle's younger sister and her students go on magical adventures in their high-tech school bus, learning about the wonders science across a variety locations and time periods.


3. YooHoo to the Rescue
YooHoo to the Rescue is an Italian-Korean computer animated children's television series produced by Aurora World and Mondo TV. It is the third TV series based on the YooHoo & Friends franchise. The show is the first Netflix original series for children from South Korea.


YooHoo to the Rescue tells the story of quick-witted YooHoo and his friends who live in the magical land of YooTopia. In each episode, they travel to a new destination to help animals in trouble


4. Brainchild
Brainchild is an American educational web television series produced by Pharrell Williams. The series was released on Netflix on November 2, 2018. Brainchild is an educational series targeted toward a young audience that conducts various scientific experiments. Experiment topics include social media, dreams, emotions, superheroes, motivation, and gravity.


5. The InBESTigators
The Australian mockumentary (documentary-like fiction) tells the story of four intelligent students who started their own detective agency and made vlogs about the various adventures they went through. Ezra Banks and his friends scour through clues to solve a school or neighbourhood whodunnit mystery in each episode.


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