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5 Old Mobile Phones that had been Popular

By Isny Dewi R

17 June 2019

Old mobile phones that was very popular in its time.

Almost everyone now uses smartphone with a touchscreen display, a sophisticated camera, and a very big storage. Let's take a look back, where most people use cell phones with keypad, small screen and not too big storage. Even so, old cell phones have been the prima donna in their time. What are they? Here is the review!

1. Nokia 6600
This was the one million mobile phones of its time. The Nokia 6600 was very popular around 2004 - 2008. The phone has a unique shape, widening in the middle with several buttons on the left and right of the phone. Nokia 6600 was first released in 2003 priced at Rp 5 million. The phone was later very prized because it was classified as having many advanced features in its time, such as operating system, camera, card slot, Bluetooth, and many more. At present there are still some phone sellers who sell used version of Nokia 6600 at a price of around Rp 150,000.

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2. Sony Erricson W800
This old phone was the first variant of Sony Ericsson Walkman series. With the Walkman button that can directly open music player, the W800 was really designed to satisfy music lovers. Not only 'champion' for music business, the 2005 phone has also been equipped with a 2 Megapixel camera which was quite capable in its era. To reinforce its position as a multimedia phone, Sony Erricson W800 became a pioneer that has an equalizer feature of up to five settings.

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3. Nokia N-Gage
Just like 6600, this favorite phone in the 2000s was also released in 2003. The phone was intended for young people who like playing games. So do not be surprised if the shape resembles a Gameboy with many games in it that make it immediately sold well among young people.

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4. Motorola RAZR V3
The Motorola RAZR V3 was an elegant phone in its time with a premium and futuristic model wrapped in aluminum and glass body. This phone was first released in 2004 at a price of around Rp 8.9 million. Offering a folding design and thin body, the Motorola RAZR V3 looks very luxurious in its era.

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5. Nokia 3310
Yes, Nokia was very successful in the 2000s. Many their phones were selling well in Indonesia. One of them is Nokia 3310. The shape of this phone is very iconic with a legendary tiny monochrome screen. Not only that, the shape which is sturdy and fits in the grip was also the reason why this phone was very popular. Nokia 3310 was first released in 2000, at which time many Indonesian people started using cell phones. Nokia had a chance to recreate 3310 with more sophisticated technology and different design in 2017.

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