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5 Perfect Businesses for People Who Love Food

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
13, November 2017

Do not waste your enthusiastic taste bud to after tasting a lot food. If you want people having a same palette as well as yours, try these food-related jobs could be ideal for you.

1. Warung

Everywhere you go, you can easily spot warung (roadside stalls). Even using a simple tent, warung know how to win everyone hearts. Along with menu that capable of making more customers willingly queue, its opening hours that little bit longer than restaurant become the other reasons why most people choose to eat in warung.

Most warung open from evening until midnight. As long as you have decent food, people will come. Your warung should be full with customers, even for the celebrity or big people. For your concern, is your location strategic enough to allure buyers as well as the menu, price, atmosphere, service to make sure people will come, taste and coming back to your warung.

2. Catering

Catering address the growing demands of premium food services in Jakarta. Catering also becomes advantageous home business if you can make sure the quality of your foods. You can starts with choosing a pleasing menu and utensils. Good tips to curb the accelerating budget in the beginning is renting cooking tools you had not have. Get your own cooking utensils after getting some profit. You can also ask some people with same great enthusiast to work together.

3. Home Bakery/Cake

The ideal food-related business for those who love pastry or cake. You do not have to make hardest desserts to make. You can even start with simple favorite cake that everyone loves, like green tea, red velvet or any popular flavor. The most important is consistency while running into this kind of business.

Another thing you should consider is kitchen. Whether your kitchen have big space to set you creative as well as baking many cakes. Being big or not, the kitchen should clean, so you can produce good and hygienic pastry or cakes. Starts with making a list, ingredients and utensils, to avoid your from any losses. That list also keep you under the budget. You only need to buy anything from that list, nothing else needed.

4. Food Photography

Sometimes, our love and passion for something is obvious, it thrives through our connection with good choice for food-related business like this one. Nowadays, food photography becomes so popular. New photographer who crave more about food photography was popping up every single days.

You should not keep your passion by yourself. Make your passion, hobby as business to earn some money. Culinary cannot be separated from photography and vice versa, that is why a new photography genre was born named food photography.

As a food photographer you should be able to make the food very tempting through your lenses. Every single dish will have a different height, layers and many things throughout it. It means more than just snapping what’s on your plate. Sharp shots can be used to earn more money. You can use your photos as promoting media for restaurant or hotel.

5. Personal Chef

Some people who love eat need to channeling their desire into cooking. And sometimes you need to pay more to taste popular foods nowadays. There are a lot workers, at-home-moms who does not have enough time to cook their meals. You can take that opportunity to pay your desire later.

Personal chef is not as easy as it sounds. Not only skills but also taste buds as well as creativity to create a customized meal plan, prepare the meal based on client needs and preferences. 

In Jakarta, many people need this kind of service, not only for expatriate but also people in general, like family who needs personal chef service for private party. Creativity is the key. Try to make unique yet tasty course that allure clients interest. Provide your service with excellent appetizer, main course and dessert. Price range can be adjusted with your menu, special, unique, delish menu you provide can be paid higher. Do not forget to use social media to boost your business. 


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani