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5 Photo Editor Application to Improve Your Selling on Instagram

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
31, October 2018

Compared to other social media, Instagram has become a favourite platform for most online sellers to sell their products. The presence of hashtag, ADS to advertise your product also multi account feature make it easy for their businesses to sell any kind of products. To make your Instagram feeds look more appealing, interesting and well ordered, you should try these photo editor applications and here are the list.

1. Product Camera

Made by Camera51, this application make your product photo look more professional with its white background. In other words, this application automatically changes your latest background with white one. Coupled with easy-to-use brightness setting, this one absolutely make your product appearance more interesting.

2. Photo Wonder

Photo Wonder is one stop app suits your need to make Instagram feeds more interesting. There is also a collage feature to combine photo, product description, even testimonial in one frame. In addition, you can use emoticon lab to make your product photo into gif image that absolutely engage buyers.

3. Photo Grid

Photo Grid is one of most used photo collage applications to combine up to 9 photos in one frame. To make the appearance of your products more interesting and ready to sell through Instagram, you can use a various of unique stickers as well as filters.

4. Airbrush

As the tagline implies, “easy photo editor”, this application provides with a wide array of filter and editing tools which are easy to use to make your product photos more beautiful and natural, include tune with artistic touch.

5. PicSay

This last application gives you a simple interface to create an attractive logo. With basic shapes feature, you can choose logo suit your needs. If you already find perfect basic shape and colour, you can add text into the logo.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani