5 Positive Effects of Drinking Water

5 Positive Effects of Drinking Water


Mineral water is a must beverage you should drink every day. It brings healthy effect and other good things for your body. Make sure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of mineral water, or equals to 2 Liters per day. Well, here are 5 advantages you can have when you drink water regularly!

1. Prevent Dehydration and Quench Your Thirst
When you feel thirsty, it means your body is lack of fluid. If you ignore it, you will get dehydration. Water will bring back your metabolism stability and wash away your fatigue.

2. Prevent Constipation
If you drink water before going to bed at night, you will have easier way of defecation in the morning. Also drink one or two glasses of water after you wake up. This will gain back your body stamina to start the day.

3. Refreshing Your Face
Water can make your skin fresher because it regulates the body metabolism and accelerates skin regeneration process. Besides, drinking water regularly can make your skin looks younger.

4. Healthier Kidney
Yup, it is also good for kidney. Kidney works depends on how much you drink water. Because kidney will produce urine, and then the urine will get rid of toxin from your body.

5. Control Body Weight
Drinking water regularly can control your body weight. Make sure you make a new habit of drinking water in the morning, especially after you wake up. This will help accelerating your body metabolism.