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5 Professional Work Ethics Most of Millennial Generations Forgotten About

5 Professional Work Ethics Most of Millennial Generations Forgotten About


According to Time magazine, the millennial generations are those with age between 15 to 35-years old. Growing up in an era that is rich of information and technology has an effect on their mindsets and ways to interact. Different opinion on things is a normal thing but sometimes most of this generation forgets how to communicate in a good and proper way to their superiors. Brilliant, broad in knowledge and skillful are not enough if you don’t have good attitude to support your work performance. If you are one of the millennial generations, there are some of the work ethics in the professional world that you need to know to get your career on the right track. Check out the article below!

1. Dressed Properly
Wearing the right outfits to attend job interview to daily office working is important. Even when the atmosphere in your office look relaxed, it does not mean that you can wear casual clothes like shorts and flip-flops. Wear clothes that are tidy and clean. It does not have to be branded or expensive, as long as it is tidy. If you do not know what to wear to go to work, pay attention to what your superior or colleagues wear. At least this would help you from wearing the wrong style.

2. Two-Way Communication
The millennial generation is lucky to live in the era of rich information and technology. From here you can look for and dig into various information to participate on meetings with colleagues. But you also need to prepare yourself if your opinions get criticized. You need to be responsible on the information as well as preparing logical reasons so people can accept your opinion. You need to remember that in one side you also need to be ready and willing to listen to the critics and advices on the information you give. It will be even better if you are acting proactive and willing to ask about the work ethics to avoid unwanted mistakes. So, always work on two ways of communication.

3. Manners
Manners are important for you to notice, especially in the professional world. At least there are two manners that you need to apply in the office: basic manner and writing manner. Basic manner is more to mirror the respect and politeness to your superior and colleagues, regardless their age. As example, the use of word ‘please’ if you need help and ‘thank you’ whenever they give one. For writing manner, you can avoid using casual language and the use of emoticons. Use the good formal language and punctuation marks all the time. Those are where your professionalism judged. Certainly you don’t want to be underestimated just because you don’t have manners. That is why you need to keep your manner toward others.

4. Be Responsible
Responsibility contains a lot of things. In working world, responsibility is focused more onto the punctuality. A person will be judged and seen to be more responsible if he/she can finish work according to the promised deadline, and to come to work on time. By showing responsibility, the company will see you as a person that can be counted on. It allows your boss to give you ‘more’ work, which means that he/she trusts your work performance—and be ready for a promotion. Job promotion means a raise on salary, too!

5. Understand that Career Journey Needs a Process
Who doesn’t have a wish to reach a goal or have a dream come true instantly? Surely everyone wants it, especially when the willing to achieve the target is related to career. It is true that time is money. But you need to remember that everything needs to be well-prepared to allow you to step on firmly. Do not take impulsive decision. For example, you might change jobs often and have work only for few months in the current company. Be careful for this might be a judgment that every company will see when deciding to hire you. You might be said as ‘the fleas’ and this is a loss for you. It’s such a shame! To avoid that, think well of the pros and cons before you decide to change jobs. A well-thought decision would bear good fruits for sure.