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5 Profitable Rainy Season Business Ideas

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
25, October 2017

Rainy season is a great time to take advantage. The rainy season is usually approaching tropical rain forest countries, like Indonesia. Here are some profitable low-cost business opportunities in rainy season you can start now.

1. Mushroom cultivation

Only few people see this opportunity as profitable, promising business idea. To pursue the cultivation is not too difficult, because this kind of mushroom can adopted by its surroundings. Seed is not easy to choose. You should be able to choose the best one to produce high quality oyster mushroom. Buy high quality seeds at the certified agency.

Planting media is combination of sawdust, bekatul (rice sifter), chalk CaCo3 and some water. To make at least 100 medias, need sawdust 80 kg, 3 kg chalk, 10 – 15 kg rice sifter and 60% water. Baglog (planting media) is ready to use while subtle and inseparable.

Baglog fermentation should be done for 5 – 10 days, helps to composing as well as killed stray mushroom spores. It turns to brown, almost black colour and ready to use. Next to fermentation step, you can put baglog into a polypropylene plastic bag, filled with sawdust. Top of it stuffed with cotton and ring to prevent water.

Last but not least is sterilization for 8 – 10 hours n 95 – 110 degree celcius. Before getting into incubation process, baglog should be sterilized for 24 hours to help growing miselium, mushroom spores.

2. Cold weather accessories

Umbrellas and rain coats, two most hunted stuffs in rainy season. Profitable low-cost business starts with roadside stall in strategic place, especially the roads are where you will find lots motorbike. You can also sell chamois (water absorbing property), boots and face mask. Affordable price, high quality product and online promotion are the keys to get some profit from this business.

3. Roadside snacks

Rainy season identically with cold weather, most people find some meals and beverages to keep their body warm. Get the opportunity through the roadside snacks. You can build simple stall with various hot menu, like coffee, tea, bajigur (hot beverage made of brown sugar and coconut milk), wedang jahe (Indonesian ginger tea), fritter, instant noodles, corn, toast or grilled banana. When it is close to summer, continue this business till the next season.

4. Laundry

During rainy season, pile of dirty clothes need to be washed. When there is no sun, the clothes dry longer. For those who does not have enough time to wait their clothes drying, laundry is the perfect answer.

Specify your segment, are they college students, workers or stay at home mother, so you can adjust the price. Make sure the capacity of your washing machine fits well. Last one, promotion is a must to hook potential customers. For the example, give them discount without minimum order, or bonus for every loyal customers, 10 free 1.

5. Car wash

Muddy street make your car or bike looks so dirty, most people are too lazy to was their vehicle by their own. Time efficiency, cleaner result rather than doing it at home are two main reason. Time to take advantage from that situation. Try an unique way to get the customers by offering car or bike transfer service, after wash, the owner can come and take their vehicle.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani