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5 Public Speaking Techniques to Captivate Your Audience

5 Public Speaking Techniques to Captivate Your Audience


When giving speech or presentation, you have to make your audience feel connected so they can catch the message you give. Unlike editorial or newsletter, what you have said can pass just like the wind. That is why you only have one chance in every moment. Therefore, you have to be able to captivate audience. Here are some techniques that you can do:

1. Make Audience Feel Connected to Each Other
When greeting your audience, say their location or your specific purposes. With that, they will feel that they are in a part of something bigger. With saying your purpose, they are not only reminded about the reason they are here, but they will also feel connected with the people around them who have the same thoughts or purpose.

2. Understand Audience’s Feelings
There are a few ways to make audience emotionally involved, for example with using statistics, story, pictures, or video that shows the essence and urgency of a topic. For instance like showing a picture of an accident that happens when driving in drunk condition.

3. Pay Attention to Audience’s Motivation
Talk about a topic that can motivate audience. For example, when your audience is interested with animal welfare, discuss an activity that can be done to keep a species from extinction. Don’t only give raw facts, but tell them how those facts can be used as something useful.

4. Entertain Your Audience
Even though some presentations are not intended to entertain in a witty way, audience will still feel glad listening to the anecdote that related to the topic. You can also tell them about your personal experience or someone’s inspiring life story.

5. Say About the Benefits of Your Presentation or Speech
At the beginning, tell your audience about the benefits they can have. Don’t expect for their full attentions if they don’t know what you will give. Otherwise, if audience knows the benefits of your presentation, they will try to pay attention so they don’t miss any information.