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5 Reasons Why You Must Shopping at Cipadu Market

5 Reasons Why You Must Shopping at Cipadu Market

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People no need to go to Tanah Abang market just to shop textiles. Because there is also a textile market in the border between Tangerang and South Jakarta. In this market you can find variety of textiles. The place called Cipadu Market. What kind of facts will you find in this market? Read these 5 interesting facts below that you have to know before you decide to go there.

1. Had Been Around Since 90’s
In early 1990’s, Cipadu area has known as textiles center, but at that time the sellers used their front yard of the house to put stalls and did the business. Now, many stores that offering various of textiles that can be found easily here.

2. Various of Textiles Can Be Found Here
Here you can find many stores that sell any kind of textiles. Start from cotton, viscose (a textile that is often used to make ball gown, lingerie, underwear, and jacket), spandex, cashmere (a textile that classified as a fancy textile), jersey (a textile that is often used for making football club cothes), denim, rayon (similar to cotton, but made from organic polymer), siphon (made of cotton, silk , and synthetic fiber), hycon (similar to siphon), voile (similar to rayon), brocade, twistcone (similar to siphon but thicker), till wedges (a textile that upholstered thickly and stiff commonly used to make tan suit, and other formal clothing).

3. Sells Textiles Per Kilo
If the majority of textile markets or stores sell the textiles per meter, but in this market you can buy fabric per kilo .Though not all stores offer this way, but there’s no harm to bargain. The range price to buy a fabric is between Rp25.000,- to Rp100.000,- per kilogram. Good price isn’t it?

4. Not Just an Ordinary Textiles Market
At this market the visitors not only will be spoiled with various of fabrics abundantly. If you are looking for a drapery or bed cover sheeds, it can also be found in this place. Noneless the place also offering various of threads, studs, until zippers. In other words, Cipadu Market is also a complete textiles market.

5. Cheap Price
Cipadu Market offering visitors with cheap prices. For example, the range price of batik and Moslem shirts are between Rp30.000,- to Rp150.000 per piece. For bed linens the price starts from Rp 125.000,- to Rp 200.000,- per package. While bed cover range price Rp200.000,- to Rp350.000,- per package.


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