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5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Sushi Tei

5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Sushi Tei

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Who does noat know the well-known Japanese restaurant, Sushi Tei? Since 2003, Sushi Tei stepped into the business slowly but surely. Starting with just a few outlets in Jakarta, now you can even find Sushi Tei in Bali! What makes Sushi Tei so popular? Check this out!

1. Japanese Culinary with Indonesian Taste

Even though it is labeled as a Japanese restaurant, but the taste of spices and the menu variations suit the Indonesian taste bud. It is because they create the various menus using Indonesian ingredients creatively. If you find a fresh uncooked sushi in Japan, in Indonesia you will find a grilled salmon wrapped in rice and nori.

2. Elegant and Comfy Decoration

On each of Sushi Tei restaurants, you will feel a comfortable dining sensation. Besides they use a concept of real Japanese restaurant, they also make the room interior as comfy and elegant as possible. This proved by their lounge room, VIP room, and modern sushi bar.

3. The Food Safety Certainty

The foods in Sushi Tei have been certified as safe and healthy, proven by some food safety tests in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certification. So you don’t have to doubt their quality and their way of cooking, all of those are guaranteed to have a certain quality and inspected strictly.

4. Competitive Price

Although it looks like a luxurious restaurant, but the price is actually pretty competitive compared with other restaurants. No wonder, they have high quality foods and service, so the price is totally worth it.

5. Innovative and Various Menu

In Sushi Tei, you will not only find sushi menu, but a complete Japanese culinary menu. From Japanese appetizer such as Sashimi Salad to desserts such as Taiyaki (a fish-shaped ice cream). Also for the main course. From packages of sushi, ramen, udon, bento, to sashimi. These menus are already adapted with Indonesian culture so they will suit Indonesian taste bud perfectly.


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