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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Resign

Spectr News Theme Miranti Devina
11, November 2015

The dynamic working world, unconducive working environment, and lack of passion on the current job are some of the reasons why people resign or quit from their job. For you who are confused whether to continue or quit from your current job, here are 5 reasons why you should not resign:

1. Unstable Economic Situation
With the unstable national’s economic situation, many companies terminate their employee’s employment. That is why, the recruitment for new members will be more difficult. The quota for new employee will be limited, so your chance to work in a new company will be smaller.

2. Salary
This is the main reason why people work. Yes, people work to get money and experience. This is the thing you should consider, moreover if your current salary is higher than other company offers. Your current company can be a stepping stone until you find other job with better salary and working environment.

3. A Chance for Self-Introspection
While thinking of where company you will move into, you can also do self-introspection about why you don’t like your current job. Those reasons can be a prevention for your next job so you can be more comfortable working in a new company.

4. A Certain Career Path
If you work in a good company, usually the company offers a certain career path. You can learn about the company bureaucracy and try to climb the career ladder. If it is possible, then why quit?

5. Give A Lot of Life Experience
With staying on your current job, you will be more careful to make a decision in life. You will understand more about what you are looking for. This is not only applied for career but also for your life. So you will have a lot of life experience.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina