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5 Reasons You Need Official Website

5 Reasons You Need Official Website


A website is a media where you can find many informations you want in cyberspace. Today everybody needs website to use for personally or business needs. But what is your actual reason to need website: personally or for business needs?

1. Self-representation
Website or a site page can be a representation of yourself or your business. For example, if you want to show your online work portfolio. You don’t have to send the portfolio one by one, but you can guide someone to just open your site.

2. To Bring Out a New Chance
A site is an asset. From all of your activities on the site, you can make a new chance from Google or another search engine. You even can collaborate with a company or other party which looking for an active site related to advertisements, etc.

3. Expanding Network
By having your own personal or official site, you can expand your network in cyberspace. Even it’s a network for business or just a network for having fun with a community.

4. Easier for A Job
Owning a site will make a job easier. You don’t have to frequently send information about yourself or your business. Just by sending the website link, all of the information they need, they will get it.

5. Increasing Credibility
When people know you have a website, they will think that you are a professional and a trusted one. This will eventually increase your credibility. In a purpose of looking for a job, a company will trust your ability more. In a purpose of looking for a customer or client for business, they will get your product information much easier.