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5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Barberbox

5 Reasons Why You Should Go to Barberbox

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Barberbox is a company located in nine different strategic locations around Indonesia, one of it is Senopati, Jakarta. Provide male hair-cut and barber services with comfort and ease, these are the reason why you should go to Barberbox.

1. ‘‘Where a Man Turns Into Gentleman’’

Established in 2012, Barberbox comes with tagline where a man turns into gentleman. Barberbox offers something more than just cut your hair. Super sleek or best mainstream and trendy hipster haircut form their experienced caster will make every girls are smiling and turning their heads.

2. Cool concept

Their concept present a comfortable and cozy feels supported by industrial ornaments and properties.

3. Experienced capster

Make sure to ask your capster for the best haircut for your face, hair texture and head shape. Barberbox hired men with minimum experienced grooming 43.800 hours, equals to five or six years. Once a month, Barberbox held training to commit and give best service for your style.

4. Discount for unhappy customer

Business means dealing with different customers every single time, it is no wonder if Barberbox gives extra discount for those who feel unhappy about their haircuts.

5. More than just haircut

Yes, more than just cut your hair, you also can enjoy other treatments, like creambath, massage and traditional shaving with affordable price.


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