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5 Rules of Staying at a Hostel that You Must Know

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18, July 2019

For backpackers, hostel is certainly not strange. This type of lodging is arguably always be a number favourite for those who travel on a budget. But because of its cheap rate, of course there are some disadvantages when staying at a hostel. One of those is sharing rooms with strangers.

Hostel usually provide room with several beds in it. This is usually called bunk bed or dormitory room. Each bed is rented for tourists who want to stay. Of course this will make you have to share a room with other tourists you don't even know. Even so, there are also hostels that provide private rooms. Of course with expensive rate. That's why there are some unwritten rules that you must know before deciding to stay at a hostel.

1. Not Selfish When Using Bathroom
Bathrooms at hostel are public facilities. Even if there is a private bathroom, usually for the private room type. If you are the type of person who takes time when having a shower, it's best to take an early shower when other guests are still sleeping or having breakfast. You can also be the last one take a shower, so other guests don't have to wait you long.

Hostel usually provides many bathrooms, so guests don't have to queue. However, if there are many guests staying, of course you should not selfish when using bathroom, especially in hours where many guests will using bathroom.

2. Bring Tools that Can Help You Sleep Well
When staying at a hostel, you can’t complain if there are other guests who sleep snoring, the air conditioner is too cold or less cold. Therefore you should be on guard by carrying some equipment that can help you sleep well such as an eye mask, socks, warm clothes, or earplugs. Even so, there are also hostels that provide capsule rooms where each capsule is equipped with soundproof facilities.

3. Keep Clean
This is indeed an important thing to do wherever you are, not least when staying at a hostel. Don't eat in the room. Hostel usually provides a space for guests who want to eat. Also do not place things carelessly for mutual convenience. Guest who accustomed to mess and dirty often cause conflicts with other guests.

4. Don’t be Noisy
Asian people are known to have louder voice among international tourists. Keep your volume low, if you really have to chat in the room. However, it's better if you chat outside the room. Or if you want to call someone, pick up the phone outside the room.

5. Self-Wash Your Tableware
Usually, hostel also provides kitchen facilities along with a self-service system. So, if you have finished eating, wash tablewares that you are using. And don't forget to clean the sink when you are done washing, so it's not dirty and creates a dirty impression for other guests.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.