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5 Safety Tips for Driving in Wet Season

5 Safety Tips for Driving in Wet Season


Driving in a wet season sometimes comes with many obstacles. Limited visibility, vehicle is prone to get problems and there are also safety issues. Therefore, here we compile 5 safety tips for driving in wet season.

1. Check All Vehicle’s Lights

It’s natural that sky gets darker when it’s raining and the visibility gets lower. It is better to turn the lights on that it’s not just going to help your visibility, but also makes you more visible to other vehicles. So check the lights of your vehicle whether it works properly or not.

2. Check Air Pressure of The Tyres

Well-conditioned air pressure and rain groove helps minimizing a slip. If the pressure is below recommendation, fill it. Also avoid using old tyres, especially when it’s raining because the risk of slipping is getting higher. When wet season comes, checking air pressure of the tyres more frequently is a good idea.

3. Wear Non Slippery Footwear
Footwear becomes more slippery when you get into the car while raining. Avoid wearing wet footwear while driving as it could affect your braking performance.

4. Keep a Safe Distance
Visibility gets lower while raining, because the water falls on your screen. That’s why keeping a safe distance with the vehicle in front of you is important to avoid crashes.

5. Check Main Components of The Vehicle
To avoid unnecessary emergency situation, check main components such as the steering wheel, brake, gas and also clutches. Extra maintenance in wet season could avoid unwanted situation.