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5 Simple Ways to Save Your Android’s Battery Life

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
14, August 2018

Nowadays, people are relying on smartphones to do their daily lives. Meanwhile smartphone becomes basic needs, there is biggest obstacle like running out of battery. If you are suffering from battery life problems, here are some simple ways to save your phone life. 

1. Do not Close Background Apps

Some Android users get this thing wrong, clearing recent apps will save the battery. It might seem like wrong choice. Clearing your recent apps out is not going to save your battery life. Even you are forcibly closing your background apps, the last image of the app is in the memory (cache). While you are clearing cache for the recent apps, it is only harm your battery life. In other words, your phone takes up more battery power and memory resources than access the last app from cache.

2. Turn Off Auto-Brightness

Most newest smartphone users did not aware with this trivial thing. Turn your auto-brightness on is running your battery low. How can it be? Light censor in top of your phone will find and detect light intention around you. It is a long process, keeping your phone always find and detect and you will be dealing with battery drain.

3. Use Airplane Mode while Out of Signal

Poor signal can be cause by many things, including your current location, building, highways and many more. In those out of signal range places, it will be hard for your phone to locate the signal and running low on battery, to prevent that case turn on the airplane mode. When you are reaching possible place, switching airplane mode with mobile data.

4. Turn Off GPS for Unnecessary Apps

Somehow, there are several apps need to detect your current location through GPS. To save your battery life, you can turn off GPS for those unnecessary apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, Path or Instagram.

5. Use Power Saving Mode

Lastly, you can find this feature in both Android or iOS. Power saving mode will maximize some techniques to save your battery life as well as maintain phone performance, such as turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and reduce your phone brightness below the lowest setting.

Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani