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5 Skate Parks in Jakarta

5 Skate Parks in Jakarta


For people who like extreme sports, you may already know skateboarding as one of the extreme sports types. This type of sports using a skateboard is favored by men and also women. This exercise is usually played on city parks, but since there are only few city parks in Jakarta, it may be a little bit hard to do this kind of activity freely. But don’t worry, Check In Jakarta has some skate park info for you!

1. Puink Skate Park
Located in Ancol, North Jakarta, Puink Skate Park has 900 m2 area and complete facilities to train the skateboard players. The provided facilities are vert wall, transition, quart pipe, and stair. You can also find a café and skate shop in this skate park.

Puink Skate Park
Jl. Budi Mulya No. 54, RT.11 / RW.11

Ancol, Pademangan
North Jakarta
+62 813-8044-4090

2. Green Park
Located next to IMAX Theatre Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Green Park offers a green garden that has a skate park area. Besides skate park, they also have other facilities such as ATV, inline skate, outbound, and dirt jump bicycle arena. Such a lot of extreme sports facilities in one area!
Green Park
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

East Jakarta
+6221 8409214

3. Rimba Mad Ramps
This one is an indoor skating spot. Located at Studio PFN, Cawang, Rimba Mad Ramps also has other facilities for extreme sports such as BMX, aggressive inline skate, and even scooter! The guests don’t have to be afraid of the sunlight or rains because you can play inside this first indoor skate park in Indonesia.
Rimba Mad Ramps
Studio PFN

Jl. Otista Raya No. 125-127
East Jakarta

4. UBL Skate Park
This skate park is located on the area of Budi Luhur University, Jakarta. Although it is located on a campus area, this skate park is open for public. So you don’t have to think twice and just release your skateboarding needs here!
UBL Skate Park
Universitas Budi Luhur

Jl. Ciledug Raya
Petukangan Utara
South Jakarta
+6221 5853753

5. Summarecon Skate Park

Sliding a bit from Jakarta to Summarecon Serpong, where there is a newly-opened skate park. Located at Scientia Square Park, the skate park here has a spacious outdoor area with skate facilities such as flat banks, quarters, and also rails. You can also find wall climbing facility and some well-known restaurants at this Scientia Square Park.
Summarecon Skate Park
Scientia Square Park

Jl. Scientia Boulevard
Gading Serpong
Tangerang, Banten
+6221 29171268