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5 Spicy Noodle Restaurants in Jakarta, Wanna Try?

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
01, November 2017

Are you spicy lovers? These five hands down restaurant dare you to taste their spicy noodles, will you?

1. Mie Zhou

The first spicy noodle restaurant located in Kelapa Gading area is the third branch of Bakmi Zhou in Jl. Timor, Medan and Pasar Mitra Raya, Batam. Hand-made noodles without preservative or food coloring. No wonder that so many customers have to keep waiting in the queue. 

This healthy noodle has some recommended menu, like Mie Ayam Special worth Rp40.000,- for large bowl. Its noodle not too dry because mix with a small amount of gravy and complete with chicken shredded topping, egg and kale. They only use free-range chicken with better taste and texture, not too savoury yet sweet. 

Another worth to try menu is Mie Dandan Celup. Named after celup (dipping), most customer enjoy their noodle by dipping into the hot and spicy gravy. While, some other customers enjoy it mix into one. Adjust the spice level, which can be ramped out to very hot.

Lastly, make your dish more tempting with the presence of dumplings. Without dumplings, your noodle getting bored. Sweet sour dumplings with some kind like vinegar gravy blends perfectly with the noodles or you can enjoy it as appetizer while waiting your noodles done.

Bakmi Zhou

Jl. Boulevard Utara Raya Blok RA1 No. 12, Kelapa Gading, Pegangsaan Dua, North Jakarta 14240

Open: 7.00 am – 7.00 pm

Phone: +62-21-4505384

2. Bakmi 8 Kursin

Established since 2010, Bakmi 8 Kursin ready to make you overwhelm with their spicy noodles. Mie Yamin Level is their signature. Curiosity make it famous. Beginners who curious about their spicy noodle can taste level 1 – 5 out of 10. Not too spicy? Ramp out to the next level, 6 – 8. And for those who has a dead tongue can taste their maximum level 9 – 10.

How about non-spicy food lovers? Bakmi 8 Kursin also offering you their favourite menu as well as the spicy one, like Cwie Mie and bakso Malang (Indonesian meatball). Combination of their savoury gravy with pile of fried onions topping, make their meatballs taste so delicious. Both, spicy and non-spicy lovers also should their tasty meatballs, cheese and shrimp meatballs. A bowl of five cheese or shrimp meatballs worth Rp20.0000,-.

Bakmi 8 Kursin

Jl. Raya Jatiwaringin No. 73, Jaticempaka, Pondokgede 17411

Open: 10.00 am – 10.00 pm

Phone: 081908887731

3. Warung Pedaaas Parah

Do not you dare named yourself spicy lovers if you have not tried this spiciest one yet. Established since 2014, Warung Pedaaas Parah with three a, offers another spicy foods next to their signature noodle made by famous chef in South Jakarta.

Simple menu you can taste in every single restaurant, both rice and noodles, made with secret condiments and its sambal (hot sauce) is not overpowering. The chef only use Indonesian chili from several cities as the best producer. Next to their Paraaah Fried Noodle, you should taste Sambal Matah Paraaah Fried Rice, Fried Rice Jambal (anchovy kind) Paraaah, combination of fried and noodle with popular topping like egg, beef canned, sausage, cheese, meatball also fried dumplings.

Warung Pedas Paraaah

Jl. Jatiwaringin Raya No. 33, Pondok Gede, Bekasi

Open: 08.00 am – 10.00 pm

Phone: +6287877244555

4. Mie Naripan

Kelapa Gading area is not only a perfect place for hunting pork noodle, but also yamin noodle. One of the most popular noodle restaurant in Kelapa Gading area, Mie Naripan, came from Bandung, West Java. You can choose between their savoury and sweet yamin noodle. Its texture quite chewy, various topping, like beef meatball, fried meatball, dumpling, fried dumpling also cheese you can choose for the perfect spicy noodle dish.

Especially their yamin noodle available in the spiciest version with extra sambal (hot sauce) topping. Even the spicy flavour can burn your tongue, the original taste of yamin noodle stay the same, that is why Mie Naripan becomes your ideal place to enjoy the spiciness.

Mie Naripan

Mall of Indonesia, Italian Walk, Jl. Boulevard Barat Rata, Kelapa Gading

Phone: +62-21-45869828

5. Bakmi Naga

The last but never least spicy noodle restaurant located in Pluit area. Their favourite menu you should try is noodle with rica-rica chicken topping. Rica-rica chicken is spicy manado chicken dish. Their level of spiciness even more challenging. Chewy texture with abundant topping of super spicy rica-rica chicken make your journey more flavourful. Even better, while it is ready to be served, their will add some spoon of sambal. Want to try?

Bakmi Naga

Jl. Pluit Permai No. 46 – 47, Pluit Village Mall, Penjaringan, North Jakarta 14450

Open: 10.00 am – 9.00 pm

Phone: +62-21-6683839


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani