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5 Spots for Those Craving Dessert at Grand Indonesia

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10, January 2019

Grand Indonesia is one of Jakarta’s malls which is famous for its culinary paradise. Not only main course, at this shopping center you can also find a number of very tempting desserts. For those craving to sweet and soft cakes or fresh gelato, these are five spots at Grand Indonesia you must visit.

1. aROMA Gelato Experience
Don't claim you are gelato fan if you haven't tried aROMA Gelato Experience. Because, dessert at Grand Indonesia presents a great selection of unique and delicious gelato flavors. One of the most hunted flavors is Butterscotch. The combination of specimen and mocca produce sweet and refreshing taste. Here you can also taste the perfect Waffle & Gelato!

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aROMA Gelato Experience
Location: Grand Indonesia Mall, 3A floor, West Mall
Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 22.00 WIB

2. La Maison
This one is famous for its amazingly delicious Macaron. This dessert spot at Grand Indonesia comes from Medan, and offers many flavors. One of the most favorite macaron here is Salted Popcorn with a rather salty taste, it is very unique. In addition to the macaron, there are some La Maison cakes that are no less tempting. The one you have to try is Mademoiselle. The cake consists of almonds, and fruit slices in the middle that give a fresh sensation.

La Maison
Location: Grand Indonesia, East Mall, Rama Lobby, UG Floor
Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 22.00 WIB
Instagram: @lamaison.jkt

3. Kibo
Kibo is indeed famous for its delicious cheese cake, even though it's actually not just that. Not long ago, Kibo released a new menu that is worth trying, Omelette Cheese. In addition to its unique shape, the taste is also tasty. There are four variants you can taste, Original, Choco Cheese, Matcha and Strawberry.

Photo Source: @kibocheese

Location: Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Sky Bridge Lvl 3A
Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 22.00 WIB
Instagram: @kibocheese

4. Cold Stone Creamery
Bad mood? Maybe Nutty Caramel from Cold Stone Creamery can restore your mood. The ice cream is made from peanut caramel ice cream, Snickers, and peanut butter. If you like nuts, you will love it. The savory taste and sweetness are right on the tongue, the texture is smooth and the Snickers makes it even more delicious.

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Cold Stone Creamery
Location: Grand Indonesia, Lower Ground, West Mall
Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 22.00 WIB
Instagram: @coldstoneid

5. Sumoboo
Sumoboo is the Kakigori dessert pioneer in Indonesia. When there are not many dessert places at Grand Indonesia or even in Jakarta that offer a matcha variant, they provide it first. But certainly, Nutella Bomb remains the most liked here. The sensation when eating shaved ice combined with moci containing Nutella which melts in the mouth so pampering your tongue.

Photo Source: @sumo_boo

Location: Grand Indonesia, Lvl 3A, West Mall
Opening hours: Every day 10.00 – 22.00 WIB
Instagram: @sumo_boo

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.