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5 Sundanese Restaurants with Nature Shade You Must Visit

5 Sundanese Restaurants with Nature Shade You Must Visit

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We don’t need to doubt he delicacy of Sundanese foods. From its fresh vegetables, side dishes, to sauces, all is good. And the characteristic of Sundanese restaurants which are always have nature shade with shady atmosphere, will makes you getting excited to eat here. In Jakarta, you can find Sundanese restaurant, here they are.

1. Talaga Sampireun
The place is really huge and still really clean, neat and organized. You will super fond of how they still put the green here and there to keep the place looking earthy as well as alive. There are cottages available and for the cottage seating, the minimum payment condition will be applied to the costumers.

Photo Source: @talagasampireun

They have their own fish breeding pond as well as for the prawns, squids and many others. Nasi Liwet at Talaga Sampireun is so delicious and since most Sundanese food protein sources are seafood, chickens, and soybeans products, Nasi Liwet is just the perfect companion to them. This one is a decent example of Nasi Liwet and you should have this on your visit here.

Talaga Sampireun
Website: http://www.talagasampireun.com
Address: Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat, Rawa Buaya – Cengkareng, West Jakarta
Telephone Number: (021) 5835 2555
Instagram: @talagasampireun

2. Remaja Kuring
You can also come to Remaja Kuring which also has open-air concept with shady atmosphere. They have wide range food to order, from kerang hijau saus tauco, gurame tahu tausi, udang cah cabe ijo, and more.

Photo Source: @remajakuring

Remaja Kuring
Address: Jl. Ciater Barat Raya No. 27, Serpong, South Tangerang
Telephone Number: (021)292-15-661
Operational Hours: Every day: 10.00 – 21.30 WIB

3. RM Saung Sunda Alam
Completed with traditional cottages, RM Saung Sunda Alam serves also dining experience with nature shade. This restaurant has lesehan concept offers their signature nasi liwet consists of rice, fried chicken, tahu tempe, sambal, to ikan asin.

RM Saung Sunda Alam
Address: Jl. Transyogi Km. 6, Cibubur
Telephone Number: (021) 84934511
Operational Hours: Every day: 10.00 – 22.00 WIB

4. Gubug Udang Situ Cibubur
This Sundanese restaurant has traditional concept which will makes you want to hanging there longer. Both come with your family or your loved ones, it’s all the same. Recommended menu at Gubug Udang Situ Cibubur is Udang Pedas Manis. It is not enough to eat just one portion!

Photo Source: http://www.gubugudang.com

Gubug Udang Situ Cibubur
Website: http://www.gubugudang.com
Address: Jl Alternatif Cibubur, Harjamukti, Cimanggis, Depok
Telephone Number: 021 84394874

5. Gubug Makan Mang Engking
We can say that this place has been the most favorite Sundanese restaurant for Jakartans. With unique traditional cottages and beautiful view, as well as the shady atmosphere, this place is perfect for vacation while enjoy your dining experience. Their best menu you have to try are cumi bakar kecap, cumi telur asin, and the two-thumbs-up nasi bakar udang!

Photo Source:thebreezebsdcity

Gubug Makan Mang Engking
Website: http://mangengkinggroup.com
Address: The Breeze BSD City
Telephone Number: (021) 50385385
Operational Hours: Every day: 10.00 – 22.00 WIB