5 Taboo Words You Shouldn’t Say at The Office

5 Taboo Words You Shouldn’t Say at The Office


As human being, we make mistakes, even in the office. We probably say wrong things to our co-workers or bosses. But, there are several taboo words we should not say at the office. Your reputation gets damaged if you say these forbidden words. 

1. “Not my fault”

Do not you dare to say this word if you definitely make mistake. Prevent yourself from getting fired by not looking any reason if you did mistake. You bosses will consider it as unprofessional behaviour. You must take responsibility with your own mistake.

2. “That’s not my job”

Every bosses will not hear that reason while she or he give you a job. In this modern, high-tech era, everyone require to be multitasking. Multitasking is something everyone does these days. Plenty ability you have at the same time will surely satisfy your boss.

3. “I’ll do it later”

That word indicates you as procrastinator. That unprofessional behaviour leave a pile of unfinished tasks. On the other hands, it will block your co-workers progress.

4. “That’s such a stupid idea”

If you are not agree with another idea, you do not need to underestimate them. If you have good idea, do not get cocky. You bosses probably do not like aggressive yet arrogant employee. 

5. “I quit”

You do not need to threaten anyone, if you are feel unpleased. It only indicates that you are not professional. If you feel burdened, leave a job, say it nicely. But, make sure if your job is done before leaving. Hopefully helpful!