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5 Signs You Have an Awful Boss

By Eskanisa R

23 Oct 2017

These are signs of an awful boss.

Whenever you wish, life is not as easy. Sometime, your dream job equal with its pay, but your coworkers and boss is a nightmare and vice versa. There is a sort type of boss with their nature. An awful boss does not just impact the way you work in the office, they will affect your entire life, here are signs you have them as your boss.

1. Refuse to communicate

For every single thing, including your job, communication is a must. Communication helps you and your boss are on the same page. Communication will build a strong relationship between boss and employee. Sometime, bosses have different communication style, they are not understand perfect timing and subject matter while communicating with team. Unclearly instruction, job details, speak or even shout impassioned way produce stress and anxiety. You must be realize those toxic things are unhealthy.

2. Refuses advice

Those who gets defensive or simply refuses advice is an awful boss. Commonly, boss is someone who have significant number of experience, it does not mean they do not need an advice. A good boss asking their employees for feedback and think about to apply it forward. A good boss affect change in the performance of your team.

3. Hand-off boss

Each employee has skill and ability that qualified the terms, it does not mean your boss feel free to get out of hand. A good boss reduce ‘empowerment’ by initiative and asking for follow-up. They give employees to do their own ways based on the term given.

4. Constantly changes their mind

Know the sign you have an awful boss is they are constantly changing their mind. They will change anything at any time. While a good boss means being able to aspire others, has a vision and stays committed to their goals. 

5. Do not respect

Thank you and sorry are two meaningful words for most people. An awful boss is never, ever admit mistakes. Based on Time, a good boss should not be shame to admit their mistakes, asking forgiveness and thankful for their employees. Those who treats their employee like machine, do not consider praise words like thank you or sorry important to be saying.


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