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5 Thailand Horror Movies You Should Watch This Weekend

Spectr News Theme Eskanisa Ramadiani
11, May 2018

No wonder if Thailand horror movie also popular besides comedy and romantic movies. Comparing with other countries, Thailand horror movies have its own characteristic. Distinguish plot, thrilling sound effects from the very beginning to the end, here are 5 Thai horror movie you should watch this weekend.

1. Ladda Land

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This one of the best Thailand horror movies released in 2011. It became one of some Thai horror movie that won prestigious International awards. Tells about a family who decided to move from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Unlike most horror movie, Ladda Land opening is quite different. Unfortunately, their new village keeps scary things. Along with thrilling sound effects, details of actor and actress face are very good.

2. Alone

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Released in 2007, Alone offers you unique, complicated yet creepy conflict between siamese twins, Pim and Ploy. It is quite heartbreaking and creepy while both of them love same guy, Wee. Unfortunately, Ploy should face the fact that Wee only loves Pim. When the separation process, Ploy died and haunting Pim and Wee, and causing a lot of tragedies.

3. Dorm

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Released in 2006, Dorm tells about young boy named Thorn who forced to enter boarding school by his father. Thor suffering hard times, no friends and being bullied. Until one day he meets a mysterious girl named Vichien. At the same time, there is rumour that a girl died in the school. Unfortunately, Thorn have no idea that Vichien is the dead girl which turned into human.

4. The Unseeable

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Bring the viewers back to 1927, while Thailand influenced by Europe culture, like people divided into two classes, upper and traditional. Nualjan, pregnant woman from traditional class who looking her husband. Nualjan find a house to stay, Ranjuan’s house and decided to stay until baby is born. Nualjan companied by Choy, housemaid who tells her about a lot of strange things happen in the house. Nualjan experiences strange things until one day she find her husband in that house.

5. The Promise

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Directed by Sophone Sakdaphisit, Ladda Land director, The Promise tells story about friendship of two girls, Ib and Boum, in 1997 while monetary crisis happened in Thailand. Ib and Boum families falling down, both decided to end themselves by killing themselves from high building where they usually meet. Ib killed herself first, but Boum find herself afraid and decided to not jump. Boum then having family and child. Ib’s spirit keep asking Boum promise, even intrigued life of Boum’s child.


Eskanisa Ramadiani
Eskanisa Ramadiani