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5 Things about Cipir Island that You Should Know

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06, November 2019

Where do you want to go this weekend? Still haven’t any idea? Settle down! Because Check In Jakarta has a great recommendation for you, Cipir Island. The island, also known as Kahyangan Island, not only offers beautiful natural scenery, but here you can also find historic buildings from the colonial era. In addition, there are still some other interesting things on Cipir Island. Curious? Here goes the review!

1. Has a Dark History
Did you know the real name of Cipir Island is Kuyper Island? But there are also those who call it Kahyangan Island. The main attraction of Cipir Island is old colonial buildings that look so exotic when combined with the beauty of its beach.

In colonial times, on this island there was a hospital handled the treatment and quarantine of infectious diseases for pilgrims in 1911-1933. Until now, you can still see the remnants of hospital buildings, such as cubicles, ex-bathrooms, to barracks for pilgrims.

The pilgrims who could not afford the hospital treatment costs would be forced labor by the Netherlands. Then, if a pilgrim died on his journey at the sea, his body after being prayed and bathed, bound using ballast and drowned in the sea.

In the past when the pilgrims descended from the ship, they would be changed into clothes and doused with chemical water, because the Netherlands were feared they brings disease from outside. They were sterilized on Cipir Island before returning to their homes.

Photo Credit: Instagram @ezackz

Some facts even say, there are pilgrims who were intentionally injected dead or executed by the colonialists. At that time, the pilgrims were treated like prisoners rather than people who wanted to fulfill the Five Pillars of Islam.

2. Still Part of Jakarta
Cipir Island is included in the administrative territory of Untung Jawa Island village, North Seribu Islands sub-district, The Thousand Islands Administrative istrict, DKI Jakarta province. This island has begun to be arranged for tourist destination since a few years ago. Together with Onrust Island, Kelor Island, and Bidadari Island, the four islands are commonly referred to Paradiso Islands.

3. Only 20 Minutes
The trip to Cipir Island or Kahyangan can be reached by boat from Muara Kamal Pier for about 20 to 25 minutes. Simply by spending around Rp. 120,000, you can enjoy travel package visiting three islands, including Cipir Island, Onrust Island, and Kelor Island. The fee includes motorboat ticket, entrance tickets to three islands, as well as food and drink.

4. The Beauty of Cipir Island
As we mentioned above, the main attraction of Cipir Island is the remnants of old buildings from the Netherlands. Even so, the natural beauty on this island can’t be underestimated. White sand beach, turquoise sea water, and shady trees look harmonious when side by side with the magical nuance of the old buildings on this island. If you have time, come later in the afternoon, to see how mesmerizing the sunset view on Cipir Island.

5. Haunted
The presence of old buildings on Cipir Island, makes this island is always associated with mystical things. Some people say, the haunted part of Cipir Island is in a former hospital building that was once used as a quarantine place for patients who have infectious diseases. Even so, the beauty of Cipir Island still managed to beat the haunted image it has.


Top Photo Credit: Instagram @steverumahlewang

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.