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5 Things You Need to Know About Digital Marketing

5 Things You Need to Know About Digital Marketing


Digital marketing is a marketing technique on the rise in this era of technology development. But many people still have no idea about the exact term of digital marketing, even the marketers themselves. Following are the 5 things you need to know about digital marketing!

1. It’s Not Free
Indeed, opening a company profile on the website does not cost anything. But it took effort, time, and fee to build a ‘brand’ in the digital world. The marketing technique itself is done to introduce the brand and to influence the customers. That is why the digital marketing costs some fortune and not free for sure.

2. It’s Not About Gaining Followers
If you only want to increase the follower numbers of your social media account, it doesn’t mean you are doing digital marketing techniques. Digital marketing is not about gaining followers but instead introducing your brand through the digital world. Many other social strategies can be used here besides gaining followers.

3. It’s Not Only for Social Media
Social media can be gone by time or from its own traffic. Don’t be too focused on doing the digital marketing only on your social media. Think of doing the digital marketing on other digital ecosystem, such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), e-mail, and mobile marketing.

4. It Doesn’t Have to Be Everywhere
In the digital marketing you don’t have to be in every platform. What is more important is that you know where your target market is. If it is on Facebook, you must strengthen the digital marketing on your Facebook business account. But if you are already on all platforms, do not be still. If your audience sees one of your accounts is not updated, they will lose interest on your brand.

5. Traditional Marketing is Still Needed
The entrance of digital marketing world doesn’t mean to forget the traditional marketing. There is the Business to Consumer (B2C) that is considered more effective than doing it through the radio or printed media, because marketing is all about showing yourself to your customers. Perhaps the traditional marketing is now integrating with digital marketing, like the printed ad using QR codes to see the complete promo, or other examples. But it doesn’t mean that you should leave the traditional marketing completely when upon starting the digital marketing.