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5 Things You Can Do When Stuck in a Traffic Jam

5 Things You Can Do When Stuck in a Traffic Jam


Traffic is a thing that you will meet every day in Jakarta. Like it or not, you have to deal with it to get to your destination. Well, rather than being angry that will not solve anything, you can do these 5 positive things!

1. Singing
Singing your favorite tunes will surely lighten up your mood. Play the song and sing along with the singer. If you are driving alone, you are free to express yourself until you get rid of your boredom in the middle of Jakarta’s traffic.

2. Get Update from the News
Usually, radio in Jakarta gives news about the country. You can listen to it to get updated news about what is happening in your country.

3. Eat
Feeling hungry in the middle of the traffic? Well, it is better to eat! Prepare some snacks in your car so you can keep your mouth busy and forget about the traffic for a while. If your tummy is happy, your mood will also be happy!

4. Exercise
Even if you are in a limited space, you can still do some exercise behind the wheels. Twist your head to relax the muscle behind your neck, or move your shoulders up and down to relax your shoulders and your back. Or move your fingers in grasping movement to relax your fingers that have been holding on to the steering wheel.

5. Make a Phone Call
If you have a handsfree or can connect your phone with a Bluetooth connection to your car, call someone that can be your conversation buddy. Either it is your friend, partner, or your parents which you have not called for a while. With this, facing traffic jam will be easier.