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5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting an Art Gallery

5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting an Art Gallery


Visiting an art gallery is one of cool stuff to do when you are off. You are just not going to find some inspiration, but you will also find the meaning in every artworks, that's why so many people in art gallery spend their long time.

A great artwork also makes you want to taking photo of it. But, there are some rules in every art galleries that you should obey. Here they are!

1. Don't Bring Your Bag to the Art Gallery
Not all art gallery obviously, but there are many of them not allowing you to bring your bag inside the gallery. It is better to put your bag on registration desk, it will also makes you easy to enjoy the gallery.

2. Pay Attention to Every Rules in Every  Artworks
When you are visiting art gallery, you will find some art installation to make the art more interesting. And its presence accompanied with some rules to obeyed.

As example, there is an interactive art installation where you are allowed to touch. Because when you touch it, you will understand the meaning of that art. But, ,there is also non-interactive art where you are not allowed to touch. That's the reason why you should obey the rule in every artworks.

3. Watch out the Barrier Line
Commonly, there are barrier lines in every artworks as a barrier better the visitors and the artwork. Don't pass out the line if you don't want to get expelled from the gallery. You should have good attitude, don't make noises that can bothering other visitors.

4. Don't Use Flash When Take Photos
You might want to take photos of great artworks with your phone or camera. But do you know why you were not allowed to take photos using camera flash?

That's because camera flash can cut the quality of the artwork. For the painting, camera flash can infecting its color degradation. Because of that, if you are interested to take photos of your favorite artworks, first thing you should do is make sure you camera flash is off.

5. Don't Touch
Respect the artist with not touching their artworks. Unless it is an interactive artwork that allows you to touch it. But don't do that, if it's not. You are participated to keep the quality of the artworks with not touching it. If the artist is in the gallery, don't hesitate to make an interaction with them he/she, so you can understand the real meaning of their artworks.